Note: This documentation is for Vantage 3.x and earlier which is no longer officially supported. For the latest version, please see this page.

Vantage is a powerful WordPress application but it requires proper configuration before you begin using it. Below you will find several tutorials on how to setup and configure your Vantage application theme.

Getting Started with WordPress

Setting Up Vantage

Using Listings and Events

Additional Tutorials

Recommended Plugins

Below is a list of plugins that are recommended by AppThemes for use with Vantage. They have been tested by our staff and shown to work with Vantage.

Language Translations

The AppThemes community has already translated our Vantage into several different languages. Browse the list of Vantage language packs to find the one you need. Read more about how to install language packs.

Want More?

Want to do even more with Vantage? Check out our developer section. It’s for people that really want to get in and start building cool things.

Child Theme Tutorials / Customization