Vantage Version 1.3.3

On July 14th 2014, Vantage 1.3.3 was released. This is a minor release including bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended. Fixed 83 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Fixed encoding of blog name in emails
  • Fixed alignment of ‘Password Again’ field in Edit profile page
  • Fixed alignment of titles in Custom forms
  • Fixed notice for ‘Favourite’ button when user not logged in
  • Fixed message for moderated reviews
  • Fixed responsive issue with admin bar
  • Fixed styles for RSS widget
  • Fixed redirect issue when non logged in user clicks ‘Add review’ link
  • Fixed sanitizing plans descriptions
  • Fixed gravatars in events when comment submitted by guest
  • Fixed one use query args in urls on admin pages
  • Fixed enqueue of ‘comment-reply’ on the single blog post
  • Fixed issues with removing logo image
  • Fixed lists elements in listing/event description
  • Fixed theme color in Customizer
  • Fixed styles of textarea fields content
  • Fixed possible issues with protocols in ‘Website’ field
  • Fixed styling issue with recurring plan message
  • Fixed responsive issues with listing contact form
  • Fixed sender name and email address in emails sent from site
  • Fixed hidding featured image on screens 400-600px
  • Fixed min map zoom to avoid displaying earth multiple times
  • Fixed issue with recent reviews widget when added to single event sidebar
  • Fixed responsive issue with ads and logo
  • Fixed setting featured image from media library
  • Fixed refine categories list styles when it contains many categories
  • Fixed performance of database query when sorting by recently reviewed/commented listing/events
  • Fixed issues with events dates
  • Fixed geo unit settings when displaying directions on single listing/event page
  • Fixed events dates format
  • Fixed hidding the review form and link when reviews are disabled
  • Fixed sub categories options in Customizer
  • Fixed issue with pagination on home when page on front is set to different one
  • Fixed issue with displaying user stats on his dashboard to other users
  • Fixed featured expiration order issue
  • Fixed issue with file upload field from custom forms
  • Fixed issue with urls in social connect widget
  • Fixed region refinement in map widget when using ‘get directions’ feature
  • Fixed displaying claimed listings in user dashboard
  • Fixed issue with ‘upcoming events’ widget when event have multiple dates assigned
  • Fixed issue with rejecting claimed listing
  • Fixed setting select boxes and radio buttons as required in custom forms
  • Fixed issue with changing field names in custom forms, in that case internal field name was also changed causing listing data loss
  • Fixed preselecting categories when claiming or renewing listing


  • Added support for Google Business Geocoding
  • Added Open Graph meta tags
  • Added filters on review content
  • Added compatibility with Twitter Pro Widget
  • Added support for RTL emails
  • Added support for comments on pages
  • Added compatibility with WP User Avatar plugin
  • Added to admin dashboard total revenue, product info, and published listings
  • Added register link to review notice when user is logged out
  • Added ribbon for pages
  • Added ‘reply-to’ header into emails from contact form
  • Added email notification for admin when payment failed
  • Added missing location fields to events.csv sample file
  • Added Custom Fields metabox for editors and admins when editing listing from the backend
  • Added ability to override by child theme a logo, breadcrumb icon, and map pins
  • Added tooltip for PayPal IPN option
  • Added cleaning geodata information of listing if its being deleted
  • Added validation to creating custom forms
  • Added validation to contact form
  • Added into ‘Popular Events’ and ‘Similar Events’ widgets description with possible use
  • Added ‘appthemes_map_icon’ and ‘appthemes_map_vars’ filters on arguments passed to maps
  • Added message and placeholder into ‘get directions’ field from map widget
  • Replaced use of ‘TinyRange’ with ‘noUiSlider’ library
  • Removed the hash sign ‘#’ under the review
  • Removed comments item from admin bar
  • Moved location of the jQuery Validate library
  • Changed schema declaration for listings from ‘Organization’ to ‘Local Business’

Files Modified

Modified		archive-listing.php
Modified		changed_files.txt
Modified		changelog.txt
Modified		claim-listing-categories.php
Modified		content-event.php
Modified		create-event.php
Modified		create-listing.php
Modified		dashboard-claimed-listings.php
Modified		dashboard-event-comments.php
Modified		dashboard-events.php
Modified		dashboard-listings.php
Modified		dashboard-reviews.php
Modified		edit-event.php
Modified		edit-listing.php
Modified		edit-profile.php
Modified		examples/events.csv
Modified		examples/vantage-child/archive-listing.php
Modified		footer.php
Modified		framework
Modified		functions.php
Modified		header.php
Modified		home-events-loop.php
Added			images/twitter-sprite.png
Modified		includes/admin-bar.php
Modified		includes/admin/admin.css
Modified		includes/admin/admin.php
Modified		includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified		includes/admin/listing-single.php
Modified		includes/admin/pricing.php
Modified		includes/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/core.php
Modified		includes/custom-forms
Modified		includes/custom-forms.php
Added			includes/custom-header.php
Modified		includes/custom-post-type-helper.php
Modified		includes/customizer.php
Modified		includes/dashboard.php
Modified		includes/deprecated.php
Deleted			includes/email-template.php
Modified		includes/emails.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/admin.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/event-single.php
Added			includes/events/admin/importer.php
Modified		includes/events/comments.php
Modified		includes/events/dashboard.php
Modified		includes/events/emails.php
Modified		includes/events/event-form.php
Modified		includes/events/functions.php
Modified		includes/events/load.php
Modified		includes/events/template-tags.php
Modified		includes/events/views.php
Modified		includes/events/widgets.php
Modified		includes/featured.php
Modified		includes/files.php
Modified		includes/geo/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/google-geocoder.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.js
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/map-provider-class.php
Modified		includes/listing-activate.php
Modified		includes/listing-claim.php
Modified		includes/listing-form.php
Modified		includes/listing-purchase.php
Modified		includes/listing-renew.php
Modified		includes/payments
Modified		includes/reviews.php
Modified		includes/template-tags.php
Modified		includes/views.php
Modified		includes/widgets.php
Modified		page.php
Modified		purchase-event.php
Modified		purchase-listing.php
Modified		reviews-listing.php
Modified		screenshot.png
Modified		scripts/event-edit.js
Deleted			scripts/html5.js
Added			scripts/html5shiv.js
Added			scripts/html5shiv.min.js
Added			scripts/jquery.nouislider.js
Added			scripts/jquery.nouislider.min.js
Deleted			scripts/jquery.range.js
Modified		scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified		scripts/scripts.js
Modified		sidebar-dashboard.php
Modified		sidebar-list-page-top.php
Modified		sidebar-page.php
Modified		sidebar-single-event.php
Modified		sidebar-single-listing.php
Modified		sidebar.php
Modified		single-event.php
Modified		single-listing.php
Modified		single.php
Modified		style.css
Added			styles/jquery.nouislider.css
Modified		va-home.php
Modified		vantage.pot
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