HireBee Version 1.1

On August 8th 2014, HireBee 1.1 (our WordPress freelance marketplace theme) was released. This is a minor release that includes several bug fixes and some new features. Upgrading is recommended. Fixed 35 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit www.appthemes.com and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • ‘HRB_Expire_Handler’ declaration after child classes causing “PHP Fatal error: Class ‘HRB_Expire_Handler’ not found” for some users
  • Removed duplicate ‘id’ attribute in search input field
  • Ordered/unordered lists not being wrapped correctly in post/pages content
  • Featured image being displayed in single posts
  • Featured image not properly floated to the left in posts
  • Solid background being displayed when hovering favorite icon in single project page
  • Empty title in ‘Find Freelancers’ listings when YOAST SEO plugin enabled
  • Invalid CSS class name for Tabs sections in ‘scripts.js’
  • Blank space on the right when viewing site in small screens
  • Splash screen displaying on blog listing even when set to ‘Front Page Only’
  • Currency dropdown in post a project form not defaulting to currency set in ‘Payments’ > ‘Settings’
  • Fatal error when using internal templates on new pages
  • Days until expiration not showing correctly in favorite and profile project listings
  • Added missing WP core CSS styles for caption and images alignment


  • Social network fields for the site, social connect widget, user profile, etc, optionally accept full URL’s instead of only the network user ID. Useful for some social networks like LinkedIn that can have multiple URL types like ‘linkedin.com/in/username’ (default) or ‘linkedin.com/company/username’ (for companies). Users with a company profile should paste the full URL instead, otherwise the output URL will be the default ‘linkedin.com/in/username’
  • Removed ‘Local :: ‘ prefix from locations on the refine search sidebar
  • Prefix refine search sidebar locations with the country (e.g: ‘Portugal :: Lisbon’, ‘USA :: New York’ ) in sites with no country restrictions
  • Store additional geolocation metadata for projects and users locations to provide further geolocation features in future releases
  • Added two new action hooks to the dashboard sidebar: ‘appthemes_before_sidebar_widgets’ and ‘appthemes_after_sidebar_widgets’ (props to ‘mhupfield’)
  • Disabled CSS3 transitions on page loads (fixes ugly background color fades on page loads)
  • Added CSS3 easing transitions to footer links
  • Added support for CSS3 transitions on all major browsers
  • Removed @import declarations from color stylesheets (better performance since Foundation dependent CSS styles are now loaded using <link>)
  • Removed duplicate CSS3 transitions styles from color CSS stylesheets
  • Moved inline CSS styles in recent posts widget to external CSS file
  • Display ‘No ratings yet’ when ratings not available on users listings and profile
  • Display ‘n/a’ in dashboard sidebar when rating not available
  • Static refine search placeholder on sidebar replaced with real refine search input (static refine search text was already being mistaken by an input)
  • Localized default widget text
  • Additional tip text in ‘Reset Credits’ setting: “For users with paid credits, the extra credits will be added to their total”
  • Replaced ‘id=”overview”‘ attribute with ‘class=”overview”‘, where used
  • Discrete border with rounded corners added to blog posts images
  • Internal template files are no longer selectable from the templates dropdown
  • Removed duplicate heading title from ‘Categories’ page
  • Removed ‘Latest Projects’ heading title from the projects listings (displayed only on frontpage)
  • Removed duplicate title from top header in single post and single project pages. Single posts are now titled ‘Blog’ and single project pages are titled ‘Project Details’
  • Renamed ‘Project Details’ Tab to ‘Details’ in single project pages
  • Display ‘Browsing – %taxonomy%’ when browsing project listings by taxonomy instead of ‘Latest Projects – %taxonomy%’
  • Deleted empty ‘login.css’ stylesheet in ‘/styles/’
  • Updated ‘select2’ JS plugin to v.3.5.0


  • New ‘Geolocation’ Tab in settings page
    • Option to set the language for geolocation results
    • Option to limit projects and users locations to a specific country
    • Option to limit projects and users geolocation results using google places types: geocode, cities, regions or all (default).
    • Option to refine projects/users search by: country, location or postal code
  • Restrict currencies
    • Option to limit project budget to one or multiple currencies
    • Option to restrict user rates to budget currencies
  • Option to allow avatar uploads on user profiles

Files Modified

Modified archive-freelancer.php
Modified archive-project.php
Modified categories-list-project.php
Modified changelog.txt
Modified content-freelancer.php
Modified content-project-secondary.php
Modified dashboard-agreement.php
Modified edit-profile.php
Modified form-project.php
Modified framework
Modified functions.php
Modified header.php
Modified hirebee.pot
Modified home.php
Modified how-works.php
Modified includes/admin/admin.php
Modified includes/admin/install.php
Modified includes/admin/project-single.php
Modified includes/admin/scripts/project-edit.js
Modified includes/admin/settings.php
Modified includes/admin/users.php
Modified includes/customizer.php
Modified includes/dashboard.php
Modified includes/forms-projects.php
Modified includes/forms-purchase.php
Modified includes/helper.php
Modified includes/media.php
Modified includes/notifications.php
Modified includes/options.php
Modified includes/payments.php
Modified includes/projects.php
Modified includes/setup-theme.php
Modified includes/template-tags-projects.php
Modified includes/template-tags-site.php
Modified includes/template-tags-user.php
Modified includes/theme-support.php
Modified includes/users.php
Modified includes/views-projects.php
Modified includes/views-proposals.php
Modified includes/views-purchase.php
Modified includes/views-users.php
Modified includes/views.php
Modified includes/widgets
Modified loop-freelancer.php
Modified loop-project.php
Modified order-select.php
Modified page.php
Modified profile.php
Modified scripts/jquery/select2/jquery.select2.min.js
Modified scripts/jquery/select2/select2.css
Modified scripts/project-edit.js
Modified scripts/scripts.js
Modified scripts/user-edit.js
Modified sidebar-archive.php
Modified sidebar-dashboard.php
Modified single-project.php
Modified single.php
Modified site-terms.php
Modified style.css
Modified styles/dark.css
Modified styles/green.css
Modified styles/modern.css
Modified styles/urban.css
Modified styles/water.css
Modified widget-recent-posts.php
Modified wrapper.php
Added    includes/admin/scripts/settings.js
Added    changed_files.txt
Deleted  styles/login.css
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