This action hook is triggered within the WordPress admin theme option pages. It provides no parameters but must be used in conjunction with theappthemes_add_submenu_page function in order to work properly.



This example sets up your new admin theme page with one drop-down option value. You will need to paste this code within your functions.php theme file. For a full example, see appthemes_add_submenu_page function.

// create the actual page and new field(s)
function my_custom_appthemes_admin_page_content() { 
	global $app_abbr;
$my_options = array( 
		array(  'type' => 'tab',
			'tabname' => __('Tab Title', 'appthemes')),
		array(	'name' => __('Section Title', 'appthemes'),
			'type' => 'title',
			'desc' => '',
			'id' => ''),
		array(  'name' => __('Option Name','appthemes'),
			'desc' => '',
			'tip' => __('Enter your tooltip text here.','appthemes'),
			'id' => $app_abbr.'_custom_field_name',
			'css' => 'min-width:100px;',
			'std' => 'yes',
			'vis' => '',
			'req' => '',
			'js' => '',
			'min' => '',
			'type' => 'select',
			'options' => array(  'yes' => __('Yes', 'appthemes'),
					     'no'  => __('No', 'appthemes'))),
		array(  'type' => 'tabend'),						 
// update and save the options in the WordPress database on form submit
appthemes_update_options( $my_options );
        <div id="icon-tools"><br/></div>
        <h2><?php _e('Testing','cp') ?></h2>
        <form method="post" id="mainform" action="">
            <p><input name="save" type="submit" value="<?php _e('Save changes','appthemes') ?>" /></p>            
	<?php appthemes_admin_fields($options_testing); ?>
            <p><input name="save" type="submit" value="<?php _e('Save changes','appthemes') ?>" /></p>
            <input name="submitted" type="hidden" value="yes" />
add_action('appthemes_add_submenu_page_content', 'my_custom_appthemes_admin_page_content', 10);


  • since appthemes-functions.php version 1.2

Source File

appthemes_add_submenu_page() is located in includes/admin/admin-options.php.

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