ClassiPress Version 2.9.2

On June 5th 2009, ClassiPress 2.9.2 was released. This is a maintenance release so all customers should upgrade. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v2.9.2, visit your dashboard by logging into your customer account.


  • centered modal form message when registration is required.
  • fixed another continue button bug on step 1 of modal form.
  • fixed total live ad counter on dashboard page
  • fixed spelling error on ad form page (highlighed to highlighted)
  • rolled back modal form to slider form
  • added * next to required fields on ad edit page. Removed mandatory check for phone & moved location field up
  • fixed other ads listed by author section so it shows all live ads by author
  • added localization tag around “Categories” sidebar text.
  • tightened up children sidebar li elements. Padded top/bottom to space out more.
  • fixed form so field values aren’t reset if error is shown.
  • included currency symbol on paypal confirmation total.
  • aligned sidebar lines under h2 text instead of above. Affects all .css files.


  • changed .classform and added .adfields to css. Moved field width to html instead of within .css
  • added “x” to close error box and #closelink elements.
  • updated bundled plugins to the latest versions
  • dynamically create and find WP upload folder for image uploads.
  • create friendly image names when uploaded with post. Now uses part of ad title for increased SEO.

Files Modified

functions.php    Modified
header.php    Modified
post-form.php    Added
master.css    Modified
tpl-edit-ad.php    Modified
author.php    Modified
tpl-dashboard.php    Modified
classifiedform/step1.php    Modified
classifiedform/step2.php    Modified
classifiedform/classifiedform.class.php    Modified
classifiedform/process_form_ajax.php    Modified
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