ClassiPress Version 2.9.1

On May 26th 2009, ClassiPress 2.9.1 was released. This is a new feature and maintenance release so all customers should upgrade. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v2.9.1, visit your dashboard by logging into your customer account.


  • fixed incorrect calculation on category pricing total
  • ad modal form resized from 780px to 560px
  • free categories are now automatically published instead of being a draft unless it’s featured
  • changed text “step x of 2” to “step x of 3” since there are actually three steps
  • fixed IE css issue on modal form
  • fixed step2 confirmation message in IE. Changed from h2 to p tags
  • item number hidden parameter wasn’t working for paypal. Minor issue but fixed.
  • included logo and report button .psd design files



Files Modified

header.php    Modified
classifiedform/classifiedform.class.php    Modified
classifiedform/step1.php    Modified
classifiedform/step2.php    Modified
functions.php    Modified
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