ClassiPress Version 2.9

On May 24th 2009, ClassiPress 2.9 was released. This is a new feature and maintenance release so all customers should upgrade. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v2.9, visit your dashboard by logging into your customer account.


  • fixed submited spelling error on post-form.php
  • fixed show category icon on search.php results
  • removed onsubmit search box function b/c it was causing problems with slashes
  • made default prune status admin option set to “no”
  • changed index.php main_page_img check from == ‘yes’ to != ‘no’ to instantly show thumbnails on new install
  • fixed css files so W3C validated with no errors
  • changed .js files to load using wp_enqueue_script to avoid conflicts with other .js files
  • changed “posted” date to use date format under WP general settings page


  • added new customer dashboard with edit & pause ad features
  • created new header-nav box with pages and login options
  • overhauled the header and created a 468×60 ad spot
  • created 2 new levels of dropdown navigation for the header pages
  • revamped and created 5 new levels of dropdown navigation for the categories
  • added Google maps option so ads will show map of item location
  • added category-level pricing. Supports free categories as well
  • added percentage-based pricing. Ad cost will depend on what item listing cost is
  • added featured ad option so you can pay extra to be listed first
  • added countdown timer to show remaining time left for each ad
  • created new options field called “exclude pages from nav” to prevent new dashboard pages from showing in navigation
  • added ascending and descending sorting by column header
  • login, register and forgot password pages now match theme
  • added sidebar.php and moved code from core classipress files
  • added a new author.php page
  • added orderby and order parameters to the wp_list_categories function on index.php
  • added depth=1 into the footer wp_list_categories function on footer.php
  • created a master.css file so it’s easier to update all color schemes
  • added the paypal button instead of linking to paypal’s site to speed up load time
  • replaced prototype and scriptaculous with jquery
  • replaced lightbox with fancybox which uses jquery
  • added new admin option to allow/disallow ad editing
  • refactored admin options code
  • added new ad form field called URL
  • added a new custom field that records the total cost of the ad
  • added a user profile page with gravatar support (requires plugin)
  • added support for sociable plugin
  • moved all includes to a include directory instead of theme root
  • created app directory for non standard WP
  • added favicon to admin options menu

Files Modified

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