ClassiPress Version 2.9.3

On June 6th 2009, ClassiPress 2.9.3 was released. This is a maintenance release so all customers should upgrade. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download v2.9.3, visit your dashboard by logging into your customer account.


  • changed function from php mail to wp_mail on “report ad” and “send message” features. Resolves intl character issue and problems sending email on some hosts.
  • added path sniffer feature to discover uploads image directory. Helps resolve issue where thumbnails are blank on the home and single pages.
  • updated plugins to the latest versions.
  • added missing cp translation tag to the word “ago” and a couple mentions of categories in functions so it gets recognized by the .po translation process.
  • upgraded fancybox script (used for on click image zooming) to 1.2.6 which fixes IE8 “not implemented” JS error.
  • fixed backslash bug on form fields when ad is submitted without completing all required fields. Added stripslashes function to form fields.
  • security fix to remove ad owners jumbled email address from hidden field on contact ad owner sidebar form.
  • fixed IE alignment issue on contact ad owner captcha field.
  • fixed IE 6&7 peekaboo css div bug on login and other pages. Basically those pages had content disappear unless you mouse over it.
  • fixed IE hover issue now showing hand icon on home page ads.
  • cleaned up several non-compliant tags to wc3 standards.
  • made navigation2 css class % instead of a fixed width to allow for lots of pagination growth.
  • removed set_time_limit function since it’s not used and generating “Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons” for some people.
  • fixed home page date value wrapping when format is long like November 20, 2009.
  • added new function to check for http:// in new ad URL field submission. If it’s missing, automatically add it.


  • added paypal support for five new currencies (Brazilian Real, Malaysian Ringgits, Philippine Pesos, Taiwan New Dollars, and Thai Baht).
  • moved favicon admin image to local image folder.
  • added CP version meta tag.
  • sticky ads now work on category pages. This was fixed with the WordPress 2.9 release.

Files Modified

css    Deleted
classifiedform    Deleted
search-form.php    Deleted
functions    Deleted
js    Deleted
home.php    Deleted
tpl-profile.php    Modified
styles/dark    Deleted
styles/tan    Deleted
styles/earth    Deleted
styles/aqua    Deleted
styles/blue    Deleted
styles/dark.css    Deleted
styles/tan.css    Deleted
styles/earth.css    Deleted
styles/aqua.css    Deleted
styles/green/post-classified_header.png    Deleted
styles/red.css    Modified
styles/master.css    Added
styles/green.css    Modified
styles/red/post-classified_header.png    Deleted
styles/blue.css    Modified
footer.php    Modified
style.css    Modified
single-blog.php    Added
archive-blog.php    Added
author.php    Modified
single-default.php    Added
archive-default.php    Added
tpl-edit-ad.php    Modified
search.php    Modified
404.php    Modified
tpl-post-new.php    Added
images/loading.gif    Deleted
images/background.gif    Deleted
images/btn_prev.gif    Deleted
images/cp-logo.png    Deleted
images/sortdown.gif    Deleted
images/users.png    Deleted
images/post-classified_header.psd    Deleted
images/widget-slider.png    Deleted
images/euro.png    Deleted
images/tag.png    Deleted
images/arrows-r.png    Deleted
images/arrows.png    Deleted
images/dollar.png    Deleted
images/go_bg.png    Deleted
images/head-listing_bg.png    Deleted
images/button_bg.png    Deleted
images/shadow.png    Deleted
images/body_bg.gif    Deleted
images/navbg.jpg    Deleted
images/sprites.psd    Deleted
images/post-classified_header.png    Deleted
images/btn_next.gif    Deleted
images/featured-banner.png    Deleted
images/category-icons    Deleted
images/rss.png    Deleted
images/star.png    Deleted
images/prod-navigation_bg.png    Deleted
images/back-next.png    Deleted
images/sortup.gif    Deleted
images/icon-sprites.png    Deleted
images/pound.png    Deleted
images/close.gif    Deleted
images/closelabel.gif    Deleted
images/tab-left.png    Added
images/newspaper.png    Added
images/favicon.ico    Added
images/step1-bar.gif    Added
images/step2-bar.gif    Added
images/red-flag.png    Added
images/step3-bar.gif    Added
images/tab-right.png    Added
images/tag-orange.png    Added
images/rss-sm.png    Added
images/header-spacer.gif    Added
images/bullet.png    Added
images/no-image.png    Added
images/chart-bar.png    Added
images/b_btn.gif    Added
images/search-btn.gif    Added
images/search-mag.png    Added
images/widget-bg.png    Added
images/f_btn.gif    Added
images/widget-bg-bt.png    Added
images/fade-wrapper.png    Added
images/468x60-banner.jpg    Modified
images/twitter-bird.png    Added
images/items.png    Added
images/line-separator.jpg    Added
images/placeholder.png    Added
images/button-bg.gif    Added
images/comments.png    Added
images/header-logo.png    Modified
images/loader.gif    Added
images/rss.gif    Added
images/search-btn2.gif    Added
images/comment-arrow.png    Added
includes/report-form.php    Deleted
includes/img_resize.php    Deleted
includes/PThumb.php    Deleted
includes/featured.php    Deleted
includes/widget-browser.php    Deleted
includes/email-form.php    Deleted
includes/timthumb.php    Added
includes/gateways/paypal/ipn.php    Added
includes/gateways/paypal    Added
includes/gateways/google    Added
includes/gateways    Added
includes/admin/admin-options.php    Added
includes/admin/meta-boxes.php    Added
includes/admin/admin-values.php    Added
includes/admin/admin-style.css    Added
includes/admin/install-script.php    Added
includes/admin    Added
includes/custom-options.php    Added
includes/meta-boxes.php    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_se.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_right.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_closebox.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_title_right.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_title_main.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_e.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_nw.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_left.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_title_left.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.2.1.js    Added
includes/js/fancybox/jquery.easing.1.3.js    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_sw.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_n.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_progress.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_ne.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_s.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/jquery-1.3.2.min.js    Added
includes/js/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.2.1.pack.js    Added
includes/js/fancybox/fancy_shadow_w.png    Added
includes/js/fancybox/jquery.fancybox.css    Added
includes/js/fancybox    Added
includes/js/global.js    Added
includes/js    Added
includes/widgets.php    Added
archive.php    Added
single.php    Modified
sidebar-page.php    Added
header.php    Modified
sidebar-blog.php    Added
index.php    Modified
functions.php    Modified
sidebar.php    Modified
screenshot.png    Modified
page.php    Modified
tpl-full-width.php    Added
changelog.txt    Modified
tpl-dashboard.php    Modified
comments.php    Modified
sidebar-single.php    Added
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