Vantage Version 3.0

On May 13th 2015, Vantage 3.0 was released. This is a general maintenance and security release that addresses a few bug fixes along with an overhaul of the admin settings pages.

We jumped versions from 1.4.1 to 3.0 to avoid an unexpected theme switch on updates. Another theme provider decided to name their theme “Vantage” as well which caused this issue. Upgrading is highly recommended.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or login to your account and manually download the updated version the old fashioned way (less recommended).


  • Lost page template on update
  • Email not sent when upgrading
  • Sub categories style in refine search
  • Facebook url bug
  • Vantage sub menu height
  • New contact fields on back end
  • Include new contact fields to csv
  • Potential XSS vulnerability
  • Geocoding bug, when address isn’t found


  • Deprecated function va_update_post_status()
  • Hide backend custom post type columns on small screens (leave only post title)
  • Use new datepicker stylesheet
  • Theme options text and better organize
  • Footer links with new nofollow tag
  • Theme option pages should be responsive


  • Font awesome so we can use icons
  • “last 30 days” chart and forum dashboard widgets
  • Admin notice to install AppThemes Updater plugin to prevent theme name collision issues

Files Modified

Modified		categories-list-event.php
Modified		categories-list-listing.php
Modified		changed_files.txt
Modified		changelog.txt
Modified		create-event.php
Modified		create-listing.php
Modified		edit-profile.php
Modified		examples/events.csv
Modified		examples/listings-with-attachments.csv
Modified		examples/listings.csv
Modified		footer.php
Modified		form-login.php
Modified		form-password-recovery.php
Modified		form-password-reset.php
Modified		form-registration.php
Modified		framework
Modified		functions.php
Modified		includes/admin/addons-mp
Modified		includes/admin/admin.css
Modified		includes/admin/admin.php
Modified		includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified		includes/admin/listing-single.php
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/excanvas.js
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/excanvas.min.js
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/jquery.flot.js
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/jquery.flot.min.js
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/jquery.flot.time.js
Added			includes/admin/scripts/flot/jquery.flot.time.min.js
Modified		includes/admin/scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified		includes/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/checkout
Modified		includes/core.php
Modified		includes/custom-forms
Modified		includes/custom-forms.php
Modified		includes/delete-listing.php
Modified		includes/deprecated.php
Modified		includes/emails.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/event-single.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/importer.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/pricing.php
Modified		includes/events/admin/scripts/event-edit.js
Modified		includes/events/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/events/custom-forms.php
Modified		includes/events/event-activate.php
Modified		includes/events/event-form.php
Modified		includes/events/event-status.php
Modified		includes/events/favorites.php
Modified		includes/events/load.php
Modified		includes/events/widgets.php
Modified		includes/favorites.php
Modified		includes/geo/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/google-geocoder.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/map-provider-functions.php
Modified		includes/listing-activate.php
Modified		includes/listing-form.php
Modified		includes/listing-status.php
Modified		includes/payments
Modified		includes/template-tags.php
Modified		includes/utils.php
Modified		includes/views.php
Modified		includes/widgets.php
Modified		index.php
Modified		scripts/event-edit.js
Modified		scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified		style.css
Modified		tests/lib
Modified		va-home.php
Modified		vantage.pot
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