Vantage Version 1.3.4

On November 5th 2014, Vantage 1.3.4 was released. This is a minor release including bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended. Fixed 11 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Fixed invalid links on events comments, no commenter name when submitted by guest
  • Fixed “Leave a Comment” heading when reply form is shown
  • Fixed Geo Settings Example Map link is broken
  • Fixed invalid text domain in Bank Transfer message
  • Fixed compatibility issue with BackupBuddy plugin
  • Fixed typo in contact form notice message
  • Fixed issue with sending out emails when in the “from” field Yahoo or AOL email address


  • Updated noUiSlider lib


  • Added compatibility with Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Added Russian Ruble to currencies list
  • Added the API Key option for Google Maps & Geocoder provider

Files Modified

Modified		changelog.txt
Modified		framework
Modified		functions.php
Modified		includes/categories.php
Modified		includes/core.php
Modified		includes/custom-post-type-helper.php
Modified		includes/deprecated.php
Modified		includes/events/comments.php
Modified		includes/events/views.php
Modified		includes/favorites.php
Modified		includes/files.php
Modified		includes/geo/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/geocoder-class.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/geocoder-functions.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/geocoder-registry.php
Modified		includes/geo/geocoders/google-geocoder.php
Modified		includes/geo/load.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.js
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/map-provider-class.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/map-provider-functions.php
Modified		includes/geo/map-providers/map-provider-registry.php
Modified		includes/images.php
Modified		includes/options.php
Modified		includes/payments
Modified		includes/reviews.php
Modified		includes/template-tags.php
Modified		includes/utils.php
Modified		includes/views.php
Added			scripts/jquery.nouislider.all.js
Added			scripts/jquery.nouislider.all.min.js
Deleted			scripts/jquery.nouislider.js
Deleted			scripts/jquery.nouislider.min.js
Modified		scripts/scripts.js
Modified		style.css
Modified		styles/jquery.nouislider.css
Modified		vantage.pot
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