Vantage Version 1.2.1

On July 15th 2013, Vantage 1.2.1 was released. This is a minor release fixing a bugs and adding a few minor features. Upgrading is recommended. It includes bug fixes and improvements to mobile. Fixed 63 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Allow prior-planless (i.e. imported) listings to be upgraded
  • Fix listing importer option to mark all as claimable
  • Fix connected orders admin meta box
  • Fix warning for custom forms submenu visible on network installs
  • Fix sorting dropdown/select
  • Fix category lock during listing pending status
  • Remove old, unused ie.css file include
  • Remove duplicated css reset, also included at top of style.css
  • Featured image for blog posts fix to show auto on list not singular
  • Fix tax charge bug
  • Add styling for images within listing/event section#overview
  • Profile form hooks
  • Fix wp-admin allow marker position to be adjusted within same address and prevent position from being reset to actual address geocode position upon edit
  • Allow marker position to be adjusted within same address and prevent position from being reset to actual address geocode position upon edit
  • Make sure not charged for event when event_charge setting is disabled
  • Make all events widgets use date format setting
  • Move ‘event expiration’ setting to events settings page
  • Fix z-index for events date sort
  • Fix url in expired listing email
  • Fix bug with custom forms with file upload fields
  • Fix bug where featured options were not showing properly in plans.
  • Show geocoder response code for is_admin() for initial debugging.
  • Fix listings/events import form geocode checkbox
  • Fix event dates and times being imported using csv importer
  • Fix ‘Upcoming Events’ widget to use date_format option
  • missed translatable strings
  • introduce VA_Locale to internally translate month and day of the week names
  • Fix featured sort to check for events only when events are enabled
  • Fix custom forms unique id problem
  • Fix contact form resetting to allow sucessful resubmissions.
  • Fix ordering of listing and events on home
  • Fix listings/events home page showing on blog home.


  • New install gets preset widgets installed
  • Set “listing duration” in wp-admin to display 0 instead of blank
  • Allow control over default sort methods on home and tax pages, just like search
  • Add filterable order description
  • Add support for appthemes coupon plugin
  • microdata added for listings, ratings, reviews, events & webpage
  • Added hook ‘va_dashboard_sidebar_account_info’
  • Allow for removal of header image
  • Rename single/multiple map widgets, give error message if used in wrong place
  • Emails for expired featured listings
  • Make upcoming events widget sort by event date
  • Add ‘default’ sort to search for events/listings
  • Add admin 32×32 icon for listings and events
  • Allow float value instead on only integer for category surcharges
  • Implement tinynav for sort dropdown
  • Add email to listing/event owner contact form
  • Make featured sort randomly while non-featured remains sorted by newest, when on home or archive page using default sort.
  • Add settings to control how featured are ordered for listings and events

Files Modified

Modified	archive-event.php
Modified	archive-listing.php
Modified	dashboard-claimed-listings.php
Modified	dashboard-event-comments.php
Modified	dashboard-event-favorites.php
Modified	dashboard-events-attending.php
Modified	dashboard-events.php
Modified	dashboard-favorites.php
Modified	dashboard-listings.php
Modified	dashboard-reviews.php
Modified	edit-profile.php
Modified	form-event.php
Modified	form-listing.php
Modified	form-review-reply.php
Modified	form-review.php
Modified	functions.php
Modified	header.php
Modified	home-events-loop.php
Modified	images/admin-menu.png
Modified	includes/admin-bar.php
Modified	includes/admin/admin.php
Modified	includes/admin/category-surcharge.php
Modified	includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified	includes/admin/listing-single.php
Modified	includes/admin/scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified	includes/admin/settings.php
Modified	includes/checkout/class-checkout.php
Modified	includes/checkout/views-checkout.php
Modified	includes/core.php
Modified	includes/custom-forms
Modified	includes/custom-forms.php
Modified	includes/custom-post-type-helper.php
Modified	includes/dashboard.php
Modified	includes/emails.php
Modified	includes/events/admin/admin.php
Modified	includes/events/admin/event-single.php
Modified	includes/events/admin/pricing.php
Modified	includes/events/admin/scripts/event-edit.js
Modified	includes/events/admin/settings.php
Modified	includes/events/custom-forms.php
Modified	includes/events/event-form.php
Modified	includes/events/event-purchase.php
Modified	includes/events/favorites.php
Modified	includes/events/featured.php
Modified	includes/events/functions.php
Modified	includes/events/load.php
Modified	includes/events/template-tags.php
Modified	includes/events/views-checkout.php
Modified	includes/events/views.php
Modified	includes/events/widgets.php
Modified	includes/favorites.php
Modified	includes/featured.php
Modified	includes/files.php
Modified	includes/geo/geocoders/geocoder-class.php
Modified	includes/geo/geocoders/geocoder-functions.php
Modified	includes/geo/geocoders/google-geocoder.php
Modified	includes/geo/map-providers/google-maps.php
Modified	includes/images.php
Modified	includes/listing-activate.php
Modified	includes/listing-form.php
Modified	includes/listing-purchase.php
Modified	includes/options.php
Modified	includes/payments
Modified	includes/template-tags.php
Modified	includes/utils.php
Modified	includes/views.php
Modified	includes/widgets.php
Modified	purchase-event-new.php
Modified	purchase-listing-new.php
Modified	reviews-listing.php
Modified	scripts/event-edit.js
Modified	scripts/jquery.tinynav.js
Modified	scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified	scripts/scripts.js
Modified	sidebar-dashboard.php
Modified	single-event.php
Modified	single-listing.php
Modified	style.css
Modified	styles/1140.css
Modified	vantage.pot
Modified	wrapper.php
Added		images/admin-icon-events-32x32.png
Added		images/admin-icon-listings-32x32.png
Added		images/at-468x60c.gif
Added		images/cp-250x250a.gif
Added		includes/events/emails.php
Added		includes/locale.php
Added		purchase-listing-existing-planless.php
Added		va-home.php
Deleted		home.php
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