JobRoller Version 1.7.3

On April 23rd, 2014, JobRoller 1.7.3 was released. This is a maintenance release with some minor additions. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Now you can automatically upgrade directly from your WordPress admin. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to JobRoller. If you don’t, check back later. The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day. It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who have made theme code changes will need to manually upgrade instead.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.


  • Purchased job packs removed from user dashboard if related job pack plans were removed in backend by an admin
  • Author pages pagination
  • Warning errors when editing a job pack from the backend (when WP_DEBUG enabled)
  • Strict standard warnings (when WP_DEBUG enabled)


  • TinyMCE in frontend fields is now called using ‘wp_editor()’, after changes in WordPress 3.9
  • Replaced ‘include app_template_path()’ with ‘load_template( app_template_path() )’ in ‘wrapper.php’ to allow passing template vars
  • Allow overriding ‘jobs by’ HTML/CSS stylings by job feed plugins like Indeed, Simply Hired, LinkedIn Publisher and Careerjet
  • New ‘channel’ option in Indeed
  • Default empty values to 0 when adding price plans

Files Modified

Added		includes/deprecated.php
Modified	author.php
Modified	framework
Modified	functions.php
Modified	includes/admin/admin-payments-pricing.php
Modified	includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified	includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified	includes/dashboard-orders.php
Modified	includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-form.php
Modified	includes/forms/submit-resume/submit-resume-form.php
Modified	includes/indeed/theme-indeed.php
Modified	includes/job-form.php
Modified	includes/js/job-form-scripts.js
Modified	includes/plan-activate.php
Modified	includes/single-pack.php
Modified	includes/theme-actions.php
Modified	includes/theme-functions.php
Modified	includes/theme-packs.php
Modified	includes/views.php
Modified	jobroller.pot
Modified	style.css
Modified	wrapper.php
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