JobRoller Version 1.2

On December 3, 2010, JobRoller 1.2 was released. This is a maintenance release and all customers should upgrade. Fixed 26 tickets total. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download this version, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. Existing customers can download the patch or the full version.


  • Category counts
  • Expire emails for pages issue fixed
  • Fixed empty search bug
  • Fixed broken links on user dashboard for active jobs


  • Added ‘Job Packs’ functionality
  • New orders system/class/order page
  • My Jobs page improvements
  • Re-list Page Added
  • auto-posting of jobs
  • Job Salary (and option) field added
  • Pack Pricing widget
  • Sidebar nav widget
  • Added template for job tags
  • Browsing by date posted feature
  • Browsing by location feature
  • Allowed tagging of jobs
  • Merged pricing and payment admin
  • Added admin page to manage site advertisments
  • Added and improved the ad widgets 250×250 and 125×125
  • Updated localisation strings to AppThemes standard
  • Added jquery Google CDN option
  • Added option to change all custom post type and taxonomy base urls (job tags, categories, salaries, types)
  • Added debug option
  • Added stats engine to track most popular jobs & blog posts. Daily & all-time stats available
  • Added daily and all-time job view sidebar widgets
  • Added new column to customer myjobs page which shows total views for each job listing
  • Added job tag cloud widget
  • Added new twitter sidebar widget with lots of options
  • Enhanced Facebook like sidebar widget so you can now add options (title, connections, size)
  • Added new widgetized sidebar for customers dashboard area
  • Added support for custom hierarchical taxonomy permalinks (only works in WP 3.1+)

Files Modified

taxonomy-job_salary.php	Added
tpl-contact.php	Added
includes/forms/edit-job/relist-job-process.php	Added
tpl-jobs-by-date.php	Added
includes/admin/admin-enqueue.php	Added
search-xml.php	Added
includes/admin/admin-post-types.php	Added
includes/admin/admin-jobpacks.php	Added
includes/admin/admin-orders.php	Added
includes/classes/orders.class.php	Added
includes/classes/packs.class.php	Added
includes/classes	Added
includes/lib/recaptchalib.php	Added
includes/lib	Added
images/ad250.png	Added
includes/sidebar-user.php	Added
images/indeed-lg.png	Added
includes/js/theme-scripts.js	Added
includes/sidebar-nav.php	Added
includes/js/	Added
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Added
includes/theme-stats.php	Added
includes/js/smoothscroll.js	Added
includes/js/flot/jquery.flot.min.js	Added
includes/js/flot/excanvas.min.js	Added
includes/js/flot	Added
includes/js/jquery-ui-1.8.custom.min.js	Added
includes/js/easyTooltip.js	Added
includes/js/jtweetsanywhere/jtweetsanywhere.css	Added
includes/js/jtweetsanywhere/images/bg-btn.gif	Added
includes/js/jtweetsanywhere/images	Added
includes/js/jtweetsanywhere/jtweetsanywhere.min.js	Added
includes/js/jtweetsanywhere	Added
includes/js/index.php	Added
includes/js	Added
includes/theme-indeed.php	Added
taxonomy-job_tag.php	Added
sidebar-user.php	Added
log	Added
tpl-edit-job.php	Modified
tpl-profile.php	Modified
footer.php	Modified
tpl-submit.php	Modified
style.css	Modified
search.php	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.pot	Modified
404.php	Modified
tpl-add-new-confirm.php	Modified
loop.php	Modified
README-FIRST.txt	Modified
taxonomy-job_cat.php	Modified
images/index.php	Modified
taxonomy-job_type.php	Modified
includes/featured-jobs.php	Modified
includes/theme-sidebars.php	Modified
css/style-pro-gray.css	Modified
includes/gateways/admin-gateway-values.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal.php	Modified
includes/gateways/index.php	Modified
includes/forms/forgot-password/forgot-password-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/application/application-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/application/application-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/register/register-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/register/register-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/filter/filter-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/filter/filter-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/login/login-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/preview-job/preview-job-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/edit-job/edit-job-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/edit-job/edit-job-form.php	Modified
includes/theme-actions.php	Modified
includes/sidebar-sjob.php	Modified
includes/theme-widgets.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-scripts.js	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/index.php	Modified
includes/theme-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/theme-security.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-login.php	Modified
includes/theme-emails.php	Modified
includes/countries.php	Modified
includes/theme-support.php	Modified
includes/theme-header.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-style.css	Modified
includes/admin/index.php	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.po	Modified
archive.php	Modified
sidebar-job.php	Modified
single.php	Modified
single-job_listing.php	Modified
sidebar-page.php	Modified
includes/theme-cron.php	Modified
header.php	Modified
includes/theme-comments.php	Modified
tpl-job-cats.php	Modified
tpl-myjobs.php	Modified
includes/admin/write-panel.php	Modified
css/style-pro-green.css	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
css/style-basic.css	Modified
css/pro.css	Modified
css/hacks/index.php	Modified
css/style-default.css	Modified
css/style-pro-blue.css	Modified
css/index.php	Modified
css/style-pro-red.css	Modified
css/style-pro-orange.css	Modified
jobroller.pot	Modified
index.php	Modified
sidebar.php	Modified
sidebar-submit.php	Modified
page.php	Modified
includes/theme-geolocation.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
loop-job.php	Modified
jobroller.po	Modified
comments.php	Modified
js	Deleted
includes/gateways/process.php	Deleted
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