ClassiPress Version

On November 23, 2010, ClassiPress was released. This is a maintenance release and all customers should upgrade. Fixed 28 tickets total. A break down of ticket items can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download ClassiPress, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account.


  • paypal IPN white screen on return URL was fixed and IPN settings adjusted for some minor bugs found
  • fixed custom.css issue where it was being called above the other styles
  • fixed bug where you could not modify the field values for some default fields (like State)
  • fixed bug where field values were not hidden on custom field types where its not applicable
  • fixed IE8 upload images bug where image 2 upload area was not displayed
  • fixed slowness caused by stats module being called on home page
  • fixed issue where large images were showing up on the popular tab instead of the thumbnails
  • fixed issue where large user-photo images where showing up in the ad previews
  • fixed issue when allow ad images was set to no, it now expands full*width
  • fixed rss feed so it now shows ads instead of blog posts
  • fixed Enable Blog option to properly hide navigation to blog when set to “No”


  • added custom menu native functionality to allow primary navigation menu to be build in wordpress menus area
  • added a dedicated tag cloud for ads and ad categories
  • completely rebuilt the stats module so it’s much more efficient and robust
  • added new admin option to disable the stats module on the home page, blog, category pages
  • set cufon font replacement to off on new installs
  • set gravatar hovercards to off on new installs
  • replaced image jquery hover on home page with css to help with performance
  • removed slider jquery fadein to help with home page performance
  • moved some javascript files so they only load up when needed
  • minified the jCarouselLite javascript to help with performance
  • stripped down the css file needed for jquery autocomplete to help with performance
  • added new option to use Google CDN hosted jquery instead of included to help with performance
  • added new option to disable the posters gravatar thumbnail image on ad listings
  • removed the duplicate thumbnail image on the single ad page so it only shows up as the main image
  • added caching mechanism for the drop-down category menu and directory home page listing for performance
  • added caching expires admin option to set when the cache should expire
  • added new admin option to manually flush the cache (also auto flushes when options are saved)
  • moved some search category options to encompass the home page directory layout and main category menu
  • added a total views column to the customer dashboard so they can see how popular their ads are

Files Modified

includes/js/colorbox/colorbox.css	Added
includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.autocomplete.css	Added
style.css	Modified
tpl-add-new-confirm.php	Modified
loop.php	Modified
includes/theme-searchbar.php	Modified
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-stats.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal/ipn.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal/paypal.php	Modified
includes/gateways/admin-gateway-values.php	Modified
includes/forms/step-functions.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-post-types.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
includes/theme-widgets.php	Modified
includes/theme-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
single-ad_listing.php	Modified
includes/js/jcarousellite_1.0.1.js	Modified
includes/js/theme-scripts.js	Modified
includes/theme-header.php	Modified
single.php	Modified
classipress.po	Modified
classipress-no-admin.po	Modified
taxonomy-ad_cat.php	Modified
header.php	Modified
taxonomy-ad_tag.php	Modified
loop-ad.php	Modified
featured.php	Modified
classipress.pot	Modified
classipress-no-admin.pot	Modified
index.php	Modified
tpl-add-new.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
tpl-dashboard.php	Modified
includes/js/colorbox/colorbox1.css	Deleted
includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.smoothness.css	Deleted
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