Ideas Version 1.1

On January 30th 2013, Ideas 1.1 was released. This is a maintenance and stability release which addresses several bugs from 1.0. Upgrading is highly recommended. Fixed 50 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.


  • several styling issues & new elements
  • reply to comments & ideas bug
  • added wp-admin category & status column values
  • show all admin-bar items when admin is logged in
  • sidebar “Voters” widget now works correctly


  • added support for theme background image and color
  • added thumbnail support for blog posts
  • added comment author identification
  • added dedicated sidebar for add idea page
  • added 25 word limit to idea titles
  • moved several images from base64 css to .pngs
  • prepended post meta fields with an underscore
  • switched from lifted shadow image to pure css (except for search bar b/c of html background bug)
  • added new option to allow any visitor to respond to ideas
  • set some default widgets and menus
  • changed Google font css url to protocol-less url for auto protocol support
  • increased screenshot.png size to support retina display
  • increased idea excerpt length from 15 to 45 words
  • changed psd logo font from Geogrotesque to Montserrat (free Google font)

Files Modified

M	404.php
M	archive-idea.php
M	author-setup.php
M	author.php
A	changelog.txt
M	comments-idea.php
M	comments.php
M	content-idea.php
M	edit-profile.php
M	footer.php
M	form-comments.php
M	form-contact.php
M	form-idea.php
M	form-login.php
M	form-password-recovery.php
M	form-password-reset.php
M	form-registration.php
M	framework
M	functions.php
M	ideas.pot
A	images/comment-bubble.png
A	images/comment-cal.png
M	images/ideas-logo.png
A	images/preloader-mini.gif
A	images/thumbs-down.png
A	images/thumbs-up.png
M	includes/admin-bar.php
M	includes/admin/admin.php
M	includes/admin/idea-list.php
M	includes/admin/idea-single.php
M	includes/admin/settings.php
A	includes/admin/updates.php
M	includes/comments.php
M	includes/core.php
M	includes/header.php
M	includes/idea-form.php
M	includes/idea-status.php
M	includes/options.php
M	includes/template-tags.php
M	includes/users.php
M	includes/utils.php
M	includes/views.php
M	includes/widgets.php
M	index.php
M	page-fullwidth.php
M	page.php
A	readme.txt
M	related-ideas.php
M	screenshot.png
M	scripts/idea-edit.js
M	scripts/idea-single.js
M	scripts/scripts.js
M	search-bar.php
A	sidebar-add-idea.php
M	sidebar-author.php
M	sidebar-header.php
M	sidebar-page.php
M	sidebar-post.php
M	sidebar-single-idea.php
M	sidebar.php
M	single-idea.php
M	single.php
M	style.css
M	styles/blue.css
D	styles/editor-style.css
M	styles/green.css
M	styles/grey.css
M	styles/orange.css
M	styles/red.css
M	wrapper.php
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