Clipper Version 1.4

On January 25th, 2013, Clipper 1.4 was released. This is a maintenance and new feature release. Clipper now includes our payments system so you can charge visitors to list coupons! All Marketplace payment gateways now work as well.

Fixed 67 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Added missed store name on stores page
  • Fixed possible issue with translated post statuses in user dashboard
  • Fixed Twitter feed widget on theme dashboard page
  • Email from “Email to friend” option contained theme name
  • Custom email after registration was not sending, WP default was sent
  • While searching site, search filters was modifying query of popular coupons widget
  • Fixed/Improved installation and updating process
  • Reported Coupon email contained incorrect url to edit coupon
  • Fixed display issue of custom submit meta box buttons, occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed submit button styles on admin settings pages, occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed missing argument warnings for $wpdb->prepare(), occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed js errors, autocomplete and datepicker library enqueued from WordPress now
  • Fixed display issues of datepicker, occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed notices on store links if coupon have no assigned store
  • Fixed multiple usage of H1 tags, used h3 tags for coupon title on lists, and h5 tags for coupon type on lists
  • Fixed issue where using function site_url instead of home_url affected those who installed WP in a different directory
  • Corrected misleading information about ad location


  • Implemented payments
  • Added option to upload custom store images, fixes issue with ‘Share coupon’ feature where Facebook not suggest store image
  • Changed all localization tags from ‘appthemes’ to APP_TD which reference to ‘clipper’ now
  • Added support for multi-level menu in header
  • general.js file and the “Enable general.js” option has been removed from theme, general.js file will be automatically enqueued from root directory of child theme if available
  • Added filter hook ‘clpr_coupon_validate_fields’ on submit coupon process
  • Example child theme has been moved to ‘examples’ dir
  • Removed creating blogroll link to on theme installation
  • Changed usage of ‘clpr_correct_taxonomy_counter()’ to ‘_appthemes_update_post_term_count()’
  • Added option to disable redirect from wp-login.php, can be used for compatibility with maintenance plugins
  • Changed feeds to use ‘app-feed’ theme support
  • Added number of items control into ‘Popular coupons’ widget
  • Added number of items control into ‘Coupon stores’ widget
  • Added number of items control into ‘Popular searches’ widget
  • Used ‘term_description()’ for taxonomy descriptions
  • Added option in customer dashboard to delete coupons
  • Improved Facebook Page url option
  • Updated external js libraries and enqueue over ssl if site use it
  • Added advertise action hook ‘appthemes_advertise_content()’, by default have assigned Clipper standard advertise feature
  • Function ‘get_clpr_coupon_url()’ has been deprecated, use ‘clpr_get_coupon_out_url()’ instead
  • Added relisting coupon feature
  • Added ability to change affiliate url in edit coupon form
  • Added ability to change coupon type in edit coupon form
  • Added ‘appthemes_notices’ action hook to single coupon template
  • Added notice to single coupon page about pending listing
  • Expiration date is now required field

Files Modified

Modified  404.php
Modified  archive.php
Modified  attachment.php
Modified  author.php
Modified  category.php
Modified  changelog.txt
Deleted  clipper-child/functions.php
Deleted  clipper-child/index.php
Deleted  clipper-child/style.css
Modified  clipper-no-admin.pot
Modified  clipper.pot
Modified  comments-mini.php
Modified  comments.php
Added  examples/clipper-child/functions.php
Added  examples/clipper-child/general.js
Added  examples/clipper-child/index.php
Added  examples/clipper-child/style.css
Modified  featured.php
Modified  footer.php
Modified  framework
Modified  functions.php
Modified  header.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-enqueue.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-options.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-post-types.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-scripts.js
Modified  includes/admin/admin-style.css
Modified  includes/admin/admin-updates.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified  includes/admin/custom-post-status.php
Modified  includes/admin/install-script.php
Modified  includes/admin/write-panel.php
Modified  includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified  includes/forms/submit-coupon/submit-coupon-form.php
Modified  includes/forms/submit-coupon/submit-coupon-process.php
Deleted  includes/js/general.js
Deleted  includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.css
Modified  includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.css
Modified  includes/js/theme-scripts.js
Deleted  includes/js/ui.autocomplete.js
Deleted  includes/js/ui.datepicker.js
Added  includes/payments
Modified  includes/reports/report.class.php
Modified  includes/reports/reports-ajax.php
Modified  includes/reports/reports-main.php
Modified  includes/reports/reports.php
Modified  includes/theme-actions.php
Modified  includes/theme-comments.php
Added  includes/theme-deprecated.php
Modified  includes/theme-emails.php
Modified  includes/theme-enqueue.php
Modified  includes/theme-footer.php
Modified  includes/theme-functions.php
Modified  includes/theme-header.php
Modified  includes/theme-hooks.php
Modified  includes/theme-links.php
Added  includes/theme-payments.php
Modified  includes/theme-search.php
Modified  includes/theme-security.php
Modified  includes/theme-sidebars.php
Modified  includes/theme-stats.php
Modified  includes/theme-voting.php
Modified  includes/theme-widgets.php
Modified  includes/views.php
Modified  index.php
Modified  loop-coupon.php
Modified  loop-search.php
Modified  loop.php
Added  order-checkout.php
Added  order-gateway.php
Added  order-summary.php
Modified  page.php
Modified  search.php
Modified  searchform.php
Modified  sidebar-user.php
Modified  single-coupon.php
Modified  single.php
Modified  style.css
Modified  styles/blue.css
Modified  styles/gray.css
Modified  styles/green.css
Modified  styles/ie7.css
Modified  styles/orange.css
Modified  styles/red.css
Modified  taxonomy-coupon_category.php
Modified  taxonomy-coupon_tag.php
Modified  taxonomy-coupon_type.php
Modified  taxonomy-stores.php
Modified  tpl-coupon-cats.php
Modified  tpl-dashboard.php
Modified  tpl-edit-item.php
Modified  tpl-login.php
Modified  tpl-password-recovery.php
Modified  tpl-password-reset.php
Modified  tpl-profile.php
Modified  tpl-registration.php
Modified  tpl-stores.php
Modified  wrapper.php
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