Clipper Version 2.0.0

On December 26th, 2017, Clipper 2.0.0 was released.

This is a major release. We do not recommend updating your 1.x Clipper site until you have tested this version separately.

Please backup your site before performing this update as this is a major release with lots of changes and it can potentially break your site.


  • Added missing default WordPress core styles
  • Added missing image.php theme template file
  • Added missing wp_link_pages() to support pagination within pages and blog posts
  • Allow html embeds within blog posts when “Allow HTML” in coupons is enabled
  • Replaced generic “post updated” admin messages with “coupon updated” using the post_updated_messages filter
  • Fixed the search results text so singular “result” is displayed when only one coupon is found
  • Trimmed the header default logo so there isn’t a bunch of empty pixels at the bottom
  • Login, password recovery, reset, registration, stores, & categories pages can now change title and add content from edit page
  • Moved do_action() hooks to the correct places in login, password recovery/reset, and registration pages
  • Removed autocomplete=”off” on login, registration, and password recovery pages so apps can auto fill
  • Removed legacy support for WordPress 4.3 and earlier on login & registration pages
  • Correctly escaped some missed text strings used in html attributes
  • Bug with header search autocomplete and styled dropdown results to match better
  • Header tabs can now be clicked on instead of just the text
  • Blog sidebar widget search is enabled and now works separate from the coupons search
  • Show the store name in the screenshot image alt tag for SEO purposes
  • Hide links to the coupon pages on slider if the option “Link to Page” disabled.


  • Minimal supported WordPress version is set to 4.7.4. Admins will be warned in case of using prior versions.
  • Updated head in wrapper.php to more modern standards
  • Setup new assets folder structure and migrated most css, js, etc there
  • Started using SASS to dynamically generate all css and min versions
  • Using the Foundation Framework grid system which increased width from 960px to 1200px
  • Added three additional footer sidebar widget areas so more content can be added
  • Moved IE styles to separate css files and use WordPress conditional check
  • Removed support for legacy IE 7 and earlier since official support for Microsoft ended long ago
  • Removed styles/custom-sample.css example file since we don’t want to encourage devs to modify core files
  • Replaced legacy Eric Myers reset.css with normalize.css 7.0.0
  • Removed category.php page template since it duplicates archive.php
  • Removed the Favicon upload option. Use the customizer site icon option instead
  • Don’t display pingbacks or trackbacks within blog posts or coupons
  • Simplified the active tab styles so it’s no longer popping out of place
  • Added box-sizing: border-box to html css rule to better normalize content layout
  • Always hide the WordPress admin toolbar for non-admin users. Uses new clpr_disable_admin_bar() filter.
  • Added a full width page template
  • Allow users to change the coupon store or add a new one via the edit coupon page
  • Always use https when calling mshots for website snapshots
  • Removed the footable js lib for html tables. Use Foundation tables instead
  • Removed the “more…” link from the coupon code listings
  • Removed bundled child theme in examples folder
  • Removed the coupon tag/category cloud taxonomy widget since a native WordPress cloud widget can be used
  • Replaced header search button with font awesome icon instead
  • Replaced jCarousel Lite home page slider with Slick Slider since it supports responsive design
  • Replaced field background images with css gradients
  • Added a clpr_edit_listing_form() do_action hook on the coupon submission & edit form to add fields
  • Removed the login sidebar since those pages are now centered without needing one
  • Removed the “Disable Stylesheet” advanced option in wp-admin. Just use a child theme instead
  • Replaced the non-responsive homegrown coupon code hover tooltip with Foundation Framework tooltip
  • Added a “last update” timestamp to user profile updates
  • Added last login, total logins, and date registered columns to the admin users page
  • Removed the blog posts “Exclude from search results” wp-admin option. Done by default now
  • Pages “Exclude from search results” wp-admin option now affects blog search results
  • Replaced wp-admin sidebar Clipper and Coupons menu icons with high resolution dashicons
  • Updated tinynav.js from 1.1 to 1.2. Should eventually switch to Foundation off canvas
  • Introduce Grunt task manager
  • Introduce Bower package manager
  • Generate example CSV Importer file on the fly.
  • Add support for PDF files as printable coupons
  • Changed Default Store and Logo images.
  • Replaced some icons with vector font icons.

New core changes:

  • Updated Share/Edit/Renew coupon listing processes.
  • Template files “create-listing.php”, “edit-listing.php” and “renew-listing.php” replaced with “process.php” template. Which can be extended in a child theme by the scheme “process.php” -> “process-{$post_type}.php” -> “process-{$post_type}-{$process_type}.php”
  • Template files “form-listing-details.php” and “form-listing-edit.php” replaced with “step-edit-info.php”.
  • Template file “form-listing-submit-free.php” replaced with “step-activate.php”.
  • Template file “order-select.php” replaced with “step-gateway-select.php”.
  • Template files “order-checkout.php” and “order-summary.php” replaced with “single-transaction.php” which includes parts “content-transaction-checkout.php” and “content-transaction-summary.php”.
  • Added select plan step before Coupon Form step in Create and Renew processes. It needs since some new plan options affect the actual coupon form, so they must be selected before form.
  • Some options has been migrated to Listing object. See the list of migrated options below:
    • $clpr_options->coupon_price => $clipper->coupon->options->price
    • $clpr_options->charge_coupons => $clipper->coupon->options->charge
    • $clpr_options->coupons_require_moderation => $clipper->coupon->options->moderate
    • $clpr_options->coupon_edit => $clipper->coupon->options->allow_edit
    • $clpr_options->coupon_edit => $clipper->coupon->options->allow_renew
    • $clpr_options->new_ad_email => $clipper->coupon->options->notify_new_coupon
    • $clpr_options->nc_custom_email => $clipper->coupon->options->notify_user_pending_coupon
    • $clpr_options->stores_require_moderation => $clipper->stores->options->moderate
    • $clpr_options->reg_required (Registration) => Clipper -> Settings -> Coupons -> Extra Features -> Anonymous Listings
  • Removed option ‘Allowed File Types’. Use ‘File Upload’ field options in Forms -> Coupon Type Printable Subform page.
  • Removed option ‘Allowed HTML’. Use ‘Description’ field options in Clipper -> Forms page.
  • Introduced Coupon Form Builder, which can be found in Clipper -> Forms page. Allows to customize the Coupon form and add new fields.
  • Coupon Types were associated with Custom Forms, which can be found and customized in the Forms page. For example Printable coupon and Coupon Code have got separated custom forms and it’s possible to add new form for Promotion coupon type.
  • Added new shortcodes to display custom fields values on the front-end “[appthemes_listing_details]” and “[appthemes_listing_terms]”
  • Introduced a number of new optional features which are disabled by default, but can be enabled in settings Clipper -> Settings -> Coupons -> Extra Features. See the features list below:
    • “Multiple Pricing Plans” – allows to add new plans and customize them using various pricing options. When enabled, plans can be created and customized on Payments -> Listing Plans page.
    • “Category Limit” – allows to limit the number of categories that user can associate with his shared coupon. Makes sense only when the Category field type is set to checkboxes. When enabled, the new option appears on the Settings -> Coupons page and also on the Plan settings (if “Multiple Pricing Plans” enabled).
    • “Category Surcharges” – allows to change total listing cost depending on selected coupon category. When enabled it can be customized on the Payments -> Settings -> Coupons page
    • “Coupon Type Surcharges” – allows to change total listing cost depending on selected coupon type. When enabled it can be customized on the Payments -> Settings -> Coupons page
    • “Custom Forms” – allows to add new form fields depending on selected Coupon Category. When enabled it can be customized in Forms page.
  • Enabled Pricing Addons module, so it’s possible now to purchase a Feature or include it to Pricing Plan by default. Addons can be customized on Payments -> Settings -> Coupons page.
  • Added Setup Guide page as a starter page after activation or upgrade Clipper. Upgrade procedures execute also there.
  • Added Stores listing type. Store type has got a dedicated settings tab and formbulder with customizable fields.
  • Added ability to add new fields to the New Store form (demanded Description field has been added by default).
  • Added ability to display store fields using template tags and shortcodes.
  • Added Users listing type. Users type has got a dedicated settings tab and formbulder with customizable fields.
  • Added ability to add new fields to the User profile form.
  • Added ability to display profile fields using template tags and shortcodes.
  • Changed ability to post coupons without registration. Now this feature called “Anonymous Listings” and can be enabled in Coupons -> Extra Features settings section.
    Anonymous users will be created for new Coupons when user is not logged in. After Coupon submitted Anonymous user will be deleted from the DB and Coupon will be re-assigned to admin.
    If user had quitted from the process early he will be automatically deleted after two weeks (login cookies duration) by a cron job.
  • Added ability to purchase Coupon listings by Anonymous users.

Files Modified

Added .editorconfig
Added .gitattributes
Modified .gitignore
Modified .gitmodules
Added .testenv
Modified 404.php
Added Gruntfile.js
Modified archive.php
Added assets/css/.csslintrc
Added assets/css/foundation.css
Added assets/css/foundation.min.css
Added assets/css/style-admin.css
Added assets/css/style-admin.min.css
Added assets/css/style-rtl.css
Added assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Added assets/css/style.css
Added assets/css/style.min.css
Added assets/images/admin/appthemes-logo-white.png
Added assets/js/lib/foundation/foundation.js
Added assets/js/lib/foundation/foundation.min.js
Added assets/js/lib/foundation/motion-ui.js
Added assets/js/lib/foundation/motion-ui.min.js
Added assets/js/lib/slick/ajax-loader.gif
Added assets/js/lib/slick/config.rb
Added assets/js/lib/slick/fonts/slick.eot
Added assets/js/lib/slick/fonts/slick.svg
Added assets/js/lib/slick/fonts/slick.ttf
Added assets/js/lib/slick/fonts/slick.woff
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick-theme.css
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick-theme.less
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick-theme.min.css
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick-theme.scss
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.css
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.js
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.less
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.min.css
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.min.js
Added assets/js/lib/slick/slick.scss
Added assets/js/src/init-foundation.js
Added assets/js/src/theme.js
Added assets/js/theme-scripts.js
Added assets/js/theme-scripts.min.js
Added assets/scss/.csscomb.json
Added assets/scss/foundation.scss
Added assets/scss/mixins/_buttons.scss
Added assets/scss/mixins/_callout.scss
Added assets/scss/modules/_variables.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_base.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_buttons.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_callouts.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_comments.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_footer.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_forms.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_header.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_helpers.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_media-queries.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-coupon.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-payment.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-post.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-store.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_pagination.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_progress-bars.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_tables.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_typography.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_wordpress.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/admin/_base.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/rtl/_base.scss
Added assets/scss/style-admin.scss
Added assets/scss/style-rtl.scss
Added assets/scss/style.scss
Added assets/scss/vendor/foundation/_custom.scss
Added assets/scss/vendor/foundation/_settings.scss
Modified attachment.php
Modified author.php
Added bower.json
Deleted category.php
Modified changed_files.txt
Modified changelog.txt
Modified comments-mini.php
Modified comments.php
Deleted content-codebox-coupon-code.php
Deleted content-codebox-printable-coupon.php
Deleted content-codebox.php
Deleted content-coupon.php
Deleted content-page.php
Deleted content-search-page.php
Deleted content-search-post.php
Deleted content-search.php
Deleted content-slider-coupon.php
Deleted content.php
Deleted create-listing.php
Deleted edit-listing.php
Deleted examples/clipper-child/functions.php
Deleted examples/clipper-child/general.js
Deleted examples/clipper-child/includes/child-views.php
Deleted examples/clipper-child/style.css
Deleted examples/clipper-child/tpl-featured-coupons-home.php
Deleted examples/coupons.csv
Deleted featured.php
Modified footer.php
Deleted form-listing-details.php
Deleted form-listing-edit.php
Deleted form-listing-submit-free.php
Modified form-popup-coupon-code.php
Modified form-social-email.php
Modified framework
Modified front-page.php
Modified functions.php
Added grunt/banner.js
Added grunt/checktextdomain.js
Added grunt/contrib-imagemin.js
Added grunt/contrib-jshint.js
Added grunt/contrib-sass.js
Added grunt/contrib-uglify.js
Added grunt/contrib-watch.js
Added grunt/csscomb.js
Added grunt/fixindent.js
Added grunt/jsbeautifier.js
Added grunt/postcss.js
Added grunt/rtlcss.js
Added grunt/sync.js
Added grunt/wp-i18n.js
Modified header.php
Added image.php
Modified images/admin-icon-coupons-32.png
Modified images/arrow-featured-left.png
Modified images/arrow-featured-right.png
Modified images/badge-green.png
Modified images/badge-orange.png
Modified images/badge-red.png
Modified images/bag-sm.png
Modified images/balloons.png
Deleted images/bg-add-comments.gif
Deleted images/bg-body-scale.gif
Deleted images/bg-content-head.png
Modified images/bg-content-social.gif
Deleted images/bg-coupon-code-left.gif
Deleted images/bg-coupon-code-right.gif
Deleted images/bg-featured-bottom.png
Deleted images/bg-featured-top.png
Modified images/bg-footer-blue.gif
Modified images/bg-footer-gray.gif
Modified images/bg-footer-green.gif
Modified images/bg-footer-orange.gif
Modified images/bg-footer-red.gif
Modified images/bg-footer.png
Modified images/bg-header-scale-blue.gif
Modified images/bg-header-scale-gray.gif
Modified images/bg-header-scale-green.gif
Modified images/bg-header-scale-orange.gif
Modified images/bg-header-scale-red.gif
Modified images/bg-post-input.gif
Deleted images/bg-result-green.png
Deleted images/bg-result-orange.png
Deleted images/bg-result-red.png
Deleted images/bg-sidebox-head.png
Modified images/bg-sidebox-line.png
Modified images/bg-social.gif
Modified images/bg-submit-widget.png
Modified images/bg-subscribe-text-box.gif
Modified images/bg-tab-active.png
Modified images/bg-text-box.gif
Deleted images/bg-text-field.png
Modified images/bg-textarea.gif
Modified images/blockquote.png
Deleted images/border-bottom.gif
Deleted images/btn-leave-r.gif
Deleted images/btn-leave.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-blue.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-gray.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-green.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-orange.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-small-blue.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-small-gray.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-small-green.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-small-orang.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit-small.gif
Deleted images/btn-post-submit.gif
Modified images/btn-reply-r.gif
Deleted images/btn-reply.gif
Modified images/btn-send.gif
Modified images/btn-submit-subscribe.gif
Deleted images/btn-submit-transparent.png
Modified images/bullet-link.gif
Modified images/bullet-tabset.gif
Deleted images/button-featured-left.png
Deleted images/button-featured-middle.png
Deleted images/button-featured-right.png
Modified images/calendar-cross.png
Modified images/calendar-plus.png
Modified images/calendar-select.png
Modified images/calendar.png
Modified images/chart-bar.png
Modified images/checkmark.png
Modified images/clock.png
Modified images/clpr_default.jpg
Modified images/comments.png
Modified images/cross-circle.png
Modified images/cut-blue.png
Modified images/cut-green.png
Modified images/cut-orange.png
Modified images/cut-red.png
Modified images/email.png
Modified images/facebook.png
Modified images/favicon.png
Modified images/folder-open.png
Modified images/globe.png
Modified images/gray-grad.png
Modified images/header-shadow.png
Modified images/help.png
Modified images/ico-about.gif
Modified images/ico-categories-01.gif
Modified images/ico-categories-02.gif
Modified images/ico-categories-03.gif
Modified images/ico-head.gif
Renamed images/ico-social.gif images/ico-soc.gif
Deleted images/ico-title.gif
Modified images/icon-coupon-live-small.png
Modified images/icon-coupon-offline-small.png
Modified images/icon-coupon-pending-small.png
Modified images/icon-coupon-small.png
Modified images/icon-coupon-start-small.png
Modified images/icon-coupon-stop-small.png
Deleted images/img-copy.gif
Modified images/indicator.gif
Deleted images/item-link-popup-bg.gif
Modified images/key.png
Modified images/loading.gif
Modified images/logo.png
Deleted images/menu.png
Deleted images/menu_arrow_blue.png
Deleted images/menu_arrow_gray.png
Deleted images/menu_arrow_green.png
Deleted images/menu_arrow_orange.png
Deleted images/menu_arrow_red.png
Modified images/minus.png
Modified images/newspaper.png
Modified images/page_go.png
Modified images/pause.png
Modified images/pe-chart-teaser.png
Modified images/pencil-comment.png
Modified images/pencil.png
Modified images/plus.png
Modified images/reports.png
Modified images/rss-sm.png
Modified images/rss.png
Modified images/search-icon.png
Modified images/separator.gif
Modified images/share-box-green.gif
Modified images/share_coupon_btn_blue.png
Modified images/share_coupon_btn_gray.png
Modified images/share_coupon_btn_green.png
Modified images/share_coupon_btn_orange.png
Modified images/share_coupon_btn_red.png
Modified images/share_icon.png
Modified images/site_icon.png
Modified images/start-blue.png
Modified images/start.png
Modified images/store-med.png
Modified images/store.png
Modified images/submit-button-footer-r.gif
Modified images/submit-button-footer.gif
Modified images/submit-shadow.gif
Modified images/tag-label.png
Deleted images/text-bg.gif
Deleted images/textarea-bg.gif
Modified images/thumbs-sm-sprite.png
Modified images/thumbs-sprite.png
Modified images/thumbsup-down.gif
Modified images/thumbsup-up.gif
Modified images/twitter-sprite.png
Modified images/twitter.png
Modified images/user-black.png
Modified includes/actions.php
Added includes/addons
Modified includes/admin/addons-mp
Deleted includes/admin/admin.css
Added includes/admin/class-admin-setup.php
Modified includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified includes/admin/importer.php
Modified includes/admin/install.php
Modified includes/admin/listing-list.php
Modified includes/admin/listing-single.php
Modified includes/admin/settings.php
Modified includes/admin/stores-list.php
Modified includes/admin/stores-single.php
Deleted includes/admin/updates.php
Added includes/admin/upgrade/install.php
Added includes/admin/upgrade/upgrade.php
Modified includes/admin/users.php
Modified includes/appthemes-functions.php
Deleted includes/categories.php
Modified includes/checkout
Modified includes/comments.php
Added includes/core
Modified includes/core.php
Added includes/coupons/admin/class-coupon-listing-fields-metabox.php
Added includes/coupons/admin/class-coupon-listing-type-fields-metabox.php
Added includes/coupons/admin/class-coupon-listing-type-metabox.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-custom-form-view.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-builder.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-current-plan-expire-decorator.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-expire.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-form.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-plan-expire-decorator.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-step-edit-info-new.php
Added includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-step-edit-info.php
Added includes/coupons/load.php
Added includes/coupons/scripts/app.listing.validate.js
Added includes/custom-forms
Added includes/customizer/class-customizer.php
Added includes/customizer/class-phpcolors.php
Added includes/customizer/panels/layout.php
Modified includes/dashboard.php
Modified includes/deprecated.php
Modified includes/emails.php
Modified includes/enqueue.php
Modified includes/functions.php
Added includes/helpers.php
Modified includes/js/jquery.tinynav.js
Modified includes/js/jquery.tinynav.min.js
Deleted includes/js/theme-scripts.js
Deleted includes/lib/index.php
Deleted includes/lib/recaptchalib.php
Modified includes/links.php
Modified includes/options.php
Modified includes/payments
Modified includes/payments.php
Modified includes/printable-coupon.php
Added includes/recaptcha
Modified includes/search.php
Added includes/sidebars.php
Modified includes/stores.php
Added includes/stores/admin/class-store-listing-process-new-settings.php
Added includes/stores/admin/class-store-listing-taxonomy-metabox.php
Added includes/stores/class-store-listing-builder.php
Added includes/stores/class-store-listing-custom-forms.php
Added includes/stores/class-store-listing-form.php
Added includes/stores/class-store-listing-meta-object.php
Added includes/stores/load.php
Added includes/template-tags.php
Added includes/theme-support.php
Added includes/users.php
Added includes/users/class-user-listing-builder.php
Added includes/users/class-user-listing-form.php
Added includes/users/load.php
Deleted includes/views-checkout.php
Modified includes/views.php
Modified includes/voting.php
Modified includes/widgets.php
Modified index.php
Renamed clipper.pot languages/clipper.pot
Modified loop-coupon.php
Deleted loop-search.php
Deleted loop.php
Deleted order-checkout.php
Deleted order-select.php
Deleted order-summary.php
Added package-lock.json
Added package.json
Added page-templates/template-full-width.php
Modified page.php
Added parts/content-codebox-coupon-code.php
Added parts/content-codebox-printable-coupon.php
Added parts/content-codebox.php
Added parts/content-comments.php
Added parts/content-coupon-item.php
Added parts/content-coupon-single.php
Renamed content-dashboard-order.php parts/content-dashboard-order.php
Renamed content-dashboard-coupon.php parts/content-dashboard.php
Added parts/content-edit-profile.php
Added parts/content-featured-slick.php
Added parts/content-featured.php
Added parts/content-image.php
Added parts/content-none.php
Added parts/content-page.php
Added parts/content-transaction-checkout.php
Added parts/content-transaction-summary.php
Added parts/content.php
Added parts/form-field.php
Added parts/header-branding-search.php
Added parts/nav-top-bar-primary.php
Added process.php
Deleted renew-listing.php
Modified screenshot.png
Modified search.php
Added searchform-coupon.php
Modified searchform.php
Modified sidebar-blog.php
Modified sidebar-coupon.php
Added sidebar-footer.php
Modified sidebar-home.php
Modified sidebar-login.php
Modified sidebar-page.php
Modified sidebar-store.php
Modified sidebar-submit.php
Modified sidebar-user.php
Modified sidebar.php
Modified single-coupon.php
Added single-transaction.php
Modified single.php
Added step-activate.php
Added step-create-user.php
Added step-edit-info.php
Added step-gateway-select.php
Added step-select-plan.php
Modified style.css
Modified styles/blue.css
Deleted styles/custom-sample.css
Modified styles/gray.css
Modified styles/green.css
Deleted styles/ie.css
Deleted styles/ie7.css
Modified styles/orange.css
Modified styles/red.css
Modified taxonomy-coupon_category.php
Modified taxonomy-coupon_tag.php
Modified taxonomy-coupon_type.php
Modified taxonomy-stores.php
Modified tests/lib
Modified theme-framework
Modified tpl-coupon-cats.php
Modified tpl-dashboard.php
Modified tpl-full-width.php
Modified tpl-login.php
Modified tpl-password-recovery.php
Modified tpl-password-reset.php
Modified tpl-profile.php
Modified tpl-registration.php
Modified tpl-stores.php
Modified tpl-user-orders.php
Modified wrapper.php
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