ClassiPress Version 3.2.1

On December 10th, 2012, ClassiPress 3.2.1 was released. This is a maintenance and WordPress 3.5 compatibility release. Fixed 19 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Fixed submit button styles on admin settings pages, occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed missing argument warnings for $wpdb->prepare(), occur on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed Twitter feed widget on theme dashboard page
  • Corrected typo in “Membership Details” string
  • Fixed unselecting country within refine search
  • Fixed forum feed widget on theme dashboard
  • Fixed display issue of datepicker in backend add/edit ad form
  • Fixed display issue of featured ad price in add new form
  • Fixed possible issue with translated post statuses in user dashboard
  • Fixed issues with cron settings which could affect in some cases


  • Changed all localization tags from ‘appthemes’ to APP_TD which reference to ‘classipress’ now
  • general.js file and the “Enable general.js” option has been removed from theme, general.js file will be automatically enqueued from root directory of child theme if available
  • Removed creating blogroll link to on theme installation
  • Removed unused jQuery libraries
  • Updated jQuery UI styles
  • Enabled SelectBox JS library in add new form
  • Added tooltips to action icons in user dashboard
  • Added option to disable redirect from wp-login.php, can be used for compatibility with maintenance plugins
  • Added 2 advertise action hooks ‘appthemes_advertise_content()’ and ‘appthemes_advertise_header()’, by default have assigned ClassiPress standard advertise features
  • Removed usage of cp_edit_ad_formbuilder() – cp_formbuilder() used instead
  • Added filter hooks into cp_formbuilder() function, apply on field args, name of filters ‘cp_formbuilder_FIELD_NAME’
  • Added filter hook into cp_formbuilder() function, allow to modify or disable certain field, apply on form field object, name of filter ‘cp_formbuilder_field’
  • Added filter hooks into ‘add new’ and ‘update ad’ process for additional validation, apply on errors, name of filter ‘cp_listing_validate_fields’
  • Added action hook ‘cp_action_formbuilder’ after form fields in cp_formbuilder() function
  • Added action hooks ‘cp_action_add_new_listing’ and ‘cp_action_update_listing’ into cp_add_new_listing() and cp_update_listing() functions

Files Modified

Modified    404.php
Modified    attachment.php
Modified    author.php
Modified    changelog.txt
Modified    classipress-no-admin.pot
Modified    classipress.pot
Modified    comments-ad_listing.php
Modified    comments-page.php
Modified    comments.php
Added    examples/classipress-child/general.js
Modified    examples/classipress-child/index.php
Modified    featured.php
Modified    footer.php
Modified    framework
Modified    functions.php
Modified    header.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-addons.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-enqueue.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-notices.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-options.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-post-types.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-style.css
Modified    includes/admin/admin-updates.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified    includes/admin/install-script.php
Modified    includes/admin/write-panel.php
Modified    includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified    includes/forms/step-functions.php
Modified    includes/forms/step1-membership.php
Modified    includes/forms/step1.php
Modified    includes/forms/step2-membership.php
Modified    includes/forms/step2.php
Modified    includes/forms/step3-membership.php
Modified    includes/forms/step3.php
Modified    includes/gateways/admin-gateway-values.php
Modified    includes/gateways/banktransfer/banktransfer.php
Modified    includes/gateways/gateway.php
Modified    includes/gateways/paypal/ipn.php
Modified    includes/gateways/paypal/paypal.php
Deleted    includes/js/general.js
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.autocomplete.css
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.css
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.draggable.min.js
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.droppable.min.js
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.nosort-nodragdrop.min.js
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-1.8.5.sortonly.min.js
Added    includes/js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.css
Deleted    includes/js/jquery-ui/ui.core.js
Modified    includes/sidebar-blog-posts.php
Modified    includes/sidebar-comments.php
Modified    includes/sidebar-contact.php
Modified    includes/sidebar-gmap.php
Modified    includes/sidebar-popular.php
Modified    includes/theme-actions.php
Modified    includes/theme-comments.php
Modified    includes/theme-cron.php
Modified    includes/theme-deprecated.php
Modified    includes/theme-emails.php
Modified    includes/theme-enqueue.php
Modified    includes/theme-functions.php
Modified    includes/theme-hooks.php
Modified    includes/theme-profile.php
Modified    includes/theme-refine.php
Modified    includes/theme-searchbar.php
Modified    includes/theme-security.php
Modified    includes/theme-sidebars.php
Modified    includes/theme-stats.php
Modified    includes/theme-widgets.php
Modified    includes/views.php
Modified    index.php
Modified    loop.php
Modified    page.php
Modified    search.php
Modified    sidebar-ad.php
Modified    sidebar-blog.php
Modified    sidebar-page.php
Modified    sidebar-user.php
Modified    sidebar.php
Modified    single-ad_listing.php
Modified    style.css
Modified    taxonomy-ad_cat.php
Modified    taxonomy-ad_tag.php
Modified    tpl-add-new-confirm.php
Modified    tpl-categories.php
Modified    tpl-dashboard.php
Modified    tpl-edit-item.php
Modified    tpl-full-width.php
Modified    tpl-login.php
Modified    tpl-membership-confirm.php
Modified    tpl-membership-purchase.php
Modified    tpl-password-recovery.php
Modified    tpl-password-reset.php
Modified    tpl-profile.php
Modified    tpl-registration.php
Modified    wrapper.php
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