ClassiPress Version 3.1.7

On February 13th, 2012, ClassiPress 3.1.7 was released. This is a maintenance and minor new feature release. Fixed 47 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Now you can automatically upgrade directly from your WordPress admin. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to ClassiPress. If you don’t, check back later.

The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day. It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who have made theme code changes will need to manually upgrade instead.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.


  • Broken link ‘view more ads’ if permalinks were changed
  • PayPal IPN not always pointing to correct site url
  • Some PayPal transactions not being logged on transactions screen
  • Breadcrumb format with page numbers
  • Date format when creating ads from the back-end
  • Error on single ad page if an ad has no category assigned
  • Selecting package type if membership satisfies is required
  • Some terms were not translated
  • Can’t insert additional images into an ad from the back-end
  • Daily stat counter always shows ‘1’ for day count
  • Some translation files caused problems with Google map
  • Option hide empty subcategories sometimes hide subcategories that are not empty
  • Wrong date in blog posts widget
  • Refine results didn’t return ads with multiple checkboxes selected
  • Some languages files didn’t work with validation form
  • Search filters were affecting search in the back-end
  • Facebook auto login issue
  • Facebook login/logout urls on subdirectory installations
  • Membership categories got unset on re-saving settings
  • Prevention of buggy ad submissions if no ad packs defined
  • New user email custom from name was overridden by default name
  • In some cases membership calculates the wrong cost


  • Added options to manage transactions
  • Added logging transactions for bank transfer payments
  • Added emails on purchase an ad and membership by using bank transfer
  • Added refine results while searching in categories
  • Disabled searching post meta in basic search to improve speed performance
  • Search drop-down menu preselected while browsing categories
  • Changed displaying login to display_name for facebook users
  • Swapped out deprecated functions get_userdatabylogin(), get_user_by_email() and replaced with get_user_by()
  • Populate image alt text with post title if no custom text specified

Files Modified

Modified    author.php
Modified    changelog.txt
Modified    classipress-no-admin.pot
Modified    classipress.pot
Modified    framework
Modified    functions.php
Modified    header.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-notices.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-options.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-post-types.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-updates.php
Modified    includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified    includes/admin/install-script.php
Modified    includes/admin/write-panel.php
Modified    includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified    includes/forms/register/register-process.php
Modified    includes/forms/step-functions.php
Modified    includes/forms/step2.php
Modified    includes/forms/step3-membership.php
Modified    includes/forms/step3.php
Modified    includes/gateways/banktransfer/banktransfer.php
Modified    includes/gateways/paypal/ipn.php
Modified    includes/gateways/paypal/paypal.php
Modified    includes/gateways/process.php
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_bg.js
Deleted    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_br.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_de.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_el.js
Added    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_eu.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_fi.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_ja.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_kk.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_lt.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_nl.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_no.js
Deleted    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_pt.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_ptbr.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_ru.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_se.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_si.js
Added    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_sl.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_sr.js
Modified    includes/js/validate/localization/messages_vi.js
Modified    includes/sidebar-blog-posts.php
Modified    includes/sidebar-gmap.php
Modified    includes/theme-emails.php
Modified    includes/theme-facebook.php
Modified    includes/theme-functions.php
Modified    includes/theme-header.php
Modified    includes/theme-profile.php
Modified    includes/theme-refine.php
Modified    includes/theme-searchbar.php
Modified    includes/theme-stats.php
Modified    includes/theme-widgets.php
Modified    index.php
Modified    sidebar-user.php
Modified    sidebar.php
Modified    style.css
Modified    styles/master-rtl.css
Modified    tpl-dashboard.php
Modified    tpl-profile.php
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