Using Ad Packs to Offer Bundle Deals Using ClassiPress 4.x

Ad Packs allow you to create bundle listing options for your customers to choose from. This allows you to offer discounts to your customers when they purchase more.

For example, instead of only offering a set price for xx days (30 days for $5), you could also offer discounts for longer terms (60 days for $7). You can create one ad pack or multiple ad packs.  The more options you have available, the more likely you are to receive a successful sale.


Ad Packs only work if you are selling ads and using the Fixed Price Per Ad price model.

Locating the Ad Packs Menu

  1. Click on the Payments menu.
  2. Under the Payments menu, click on Ad Packs.

Creating an Ad Pack

With all new ClassiPress 4.x. installs, a demonstrations ad pack is already created.

To create an Ad Pack you can click the Add New button at the top of the Ad Packs menu.

You will now need to complete the following for your new ad pack:

  • Give the ad a meaningful name that will entice your users to purchase it.
  • Add a description to the ad pack (the description is not visible to your users).
  • The price of the ad pack. Put ‘0’ in the price field if you do not wish to charge your customers for this package.
  • Give your ad pack a duration. This is how long the ad will be visible on the site.

Once you have configured the ad pack, you will need to click the Publish button.


How will the Ad Pack be Displayed to my Users?

For Ad Packs to be purchase, you must have completed all the relevant information in your “Pricing” and “Gateways” sections of the ClassiPress Admin.

When a user is creating an ad on your site they will be given the choice of which ad pack they would like to choose. The ad packs you create are listed in a drop down menu. This drop down menu is shown in the example below.


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