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WordPress Settings for Vantage

There are a few WordPress settings that play an important role in how your Vantage enabled website works. We’ll go over those here. More info on WordPress Settings can be found in the WordPress Codex.

To get to WordPress settings, go to the left sidebar menu and click Settings.

General Settings

Site Title

The Site Title is displayed in the title bar of a web browser and is displayed in the header for most themes. Your Site Title will also appear in the following locations:

Your site title can be anything you’d like; it doesn’t have to be the same as your blog’s URL or your username. You can use a cleaned-up version of your URL (e.g., myawesomeblog07 can become My Awesome Blog), or change it to whatever best reflects your site’s personality and topic. Note: No matter what you change your site’s title to, your address remains the same.


A tagline is a short phrase or sentence that states what your site is about. This is like the slogan of your site and is often funny, creative and eye-catching.

Logo Image

This is the image you want to display next to the site title. This image should be 150px x 50px

Footer Copyright

This is the copyright information you want to display in your footer. Example: ©Vantage Theme site 2017 | All Rights Reserved

Site Icon

This is the little icon that is displayed in the browser next to the name of your site. This image is also used in the bookmark bar and WordPress mobile apps. Image should be a square that is 512px x 512px.


You can find this setting here:

This option allows people to sign up as a member on your site using the WordPress user function.

Note: Your member/WordPress user permission settings still apply. Example: If you have it so an admin must approve a member this will still happen even if you have the “Anyone can register” option set

New User Default Role

You can find this setting here:

The new user default role is used to specify what user role will be assigned to new users. You can set this role to anything you want including a custom role. However we suggest using the “Subscriber” role.

Reading Settings Tab

You can find this option in your WordPress admin under the “Settings” Menu,

Your homepage displays

Vantage comes with the following pages preset for you.

You can change these page to fit your needs however we recommend you keep these unchanged unless you are using custom pages.

Discussion Settings Tab

You can find this option in your WordPress admin under the “Settings” Menu,

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