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Vantage Widgets

We have added several custom widgets to Vantage for the maximum amount of flexibility. Vantage also works with all the WordPress pre-packaged widgets. More info on WordPress Widgets can be found on the WordPress codex.

How to Get to the Widgets Menu

Areas Widgets Can be Used

Vantage Custom Widgets

Here is a list of the custom widgets for Vantage

Widgets for Your Homepage

These widgets can be used on your homepage to add content to it.

Pay2Post Process Listing Button – Listing

This widget allows you to place actions on your site.

Here are some examples:

Vantage – Home Featured Listings

This widget is used to add a featured listings section to your homepage.

Vantage – Home Latest Blog Posts

This Widget will allow you to display your latest blog posts on your homepage.

Vantage – Home Latest Listings

This widget will show the most recent listings on your homepage.

Standard Widgets

These widgets can be used anywhere a widget is allowed to be used.

Vantage – Listing Author Stats

This widget will display listing author stats.

The following listing stats are displayed by this widget

The following screenshot will show you how this widget will look:

Vantage – Listing Comments

This widget will display listing comments. The widget uses your WordPress comment settings. You can find these settings under “Settings” > “Discussion” in your WordPress admin. By default this the number of comments displayed is 50, you can adjust this in the “Discussion” settings mentioned above.

Vantage – Listing Refine Search

This widget will display a search option that allows the user to refine their search by category and how you want the results displayed (example: date, relevance and so on)

Vantage – Page Callout Box

The page callout box widget allows you to add a callout to your site. Here are some custom callouts you may want to use.

You can also choose to make your own custom callout.

Single Post Widgets

Vantage – Single Listing Author

This widget will display the listing author on a post. This widget is great if you want to highlight or feature an author.

You can specify if you want to show the biographical information about the author in this widget.

Vantage – Single Listing Custom Fields

The single listing custom fields will display the listings custom fields.

Vantage – Single Listing Description

This will show the description of your listings.

Vantage – Single Listing Map & Contact Info

This widget is used to display the map and contact information for listings.

In this widget you can specify the following options.

Vantage – Single Listing Photo Gallery

This widget shows a gallery of photos that are linked to listings.

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