Vantage Version 4.1.6

On October 18, 2018, Vantage 4.1.6 was released. This release addresses a handful of bugs, significantly improves RTL support and introduces few minor improvements.


  • Don’t collapse lines on a Custom Forms widget. Textarea output now correctly formatted
  • Make “Relevance” word translatable
  • Make some words on “Setup Guide” page translatable
  • Expiration featured dates not being set in Vantage business listings
  • Generating 2 duplicated e-mails for the expiration of featured on category
  • Fixed process link in the Upgrade addon email template
  • Updated WooCommerce files
  • Use require_once statement for loading WordPress files
  • Link “Extras” shows a distorced DIV in Princing Plan page
  • Icon of address field missing in category search page
  • Improve user experience with Loction Search field. On the Enter key hit it will choose the first suggested item.
  • Inline display issue with menus in footer. Now menus display vertically.
  • Remove registration password in the email. GDPR compliance.
  • Significantly improved RTL support
  • Title of widget “Vantage – Single Listing Author” not being set properly
  • Vantage Forms ‘Text Area’ and ‘Taxonomy’ placeholder
  • Error message “This field is required.” pushing the next field label during listing creation
  • Main search bar does not work in Firefox
  • Plus sign is parsed in Vantage Forms Tooltip field
  • Header site title is not linked to the homepage on mobile
  • Categories menu counts are incorrect
  • Quantity of listings in Categories menu are not aligned
  • Categories menu improved on small screens
  • Issue when “Profile Menu” navigation does not work on mobile device/tabs
  • Some other mobile-friendly related Issues/Bugs

Files Modified

Modified archive-listing.php
Modified assets/css/editor-style.css
Modified assets/css/editor-style.min.css
Added assets/css/foundation-rtl.css
Added assets/css/foundation-rtl.min.css
Modified assets/css/foundation.css
Modified assets/css/foundation.min.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Modified assets/css/style.css
Modified assets/css/style.min.css
Modified assets/js/lib/scrolltotop/scrolltotop.js
Modified assets/js/lib/scrolltotop/scrolltotop.min.js
Modified assets/js/lib/typed/typed.js
Modified assets/js/lib/typed/typed.min.js
Modified assets/js/src/google-maps.js
Modified assets/js/src/theme.js
Modified assets/js/theme-scripts.js
Modified assets/js/theme-scripts.min.js
Modified assets/scss/editor-style.scss
Added assets/scss/foundation-rtl.scss
Modified assets/scss/foundation.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_base.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_forms.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_header.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_menus.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_page-archive.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_tables.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_widgets.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_wordpress.scss
Modified assets/scss/style-admin.scss
Modified assets/scss/style-rtl.scss
Modified assets/scss/style.scss
Modified assets/scss/vendor/foundation/_settings.scss
Added assets/scss/vendor/foundation/rtl.scss
Modified author.php
Modified changelog.txt
Modified dashboard-setup.php
Modified edit-profile.php
Modified functions.php
Modified grunt/contrib-sass.js
Modified grunt/rtlcss.js
Modified includes/admin/class-admin-importer.php
Modified includes/admin/class-admin-setup.php
Modified includes/categories.php
Modified includes/class-refine-search.php
Modified includes/core
Modified includes/custom-forms
Modified includes/enqueue-scripts.php
Modified includes/helpers.php
Modified includes/integrations/woocommerce/class-woocommerce.php
Modified includes/menus.php
Modified includes/template-tags.php
Modified includes/widgets/class-widget-listing-author.php
Modified languages/vantage.pot
Modified package-lock.json
Modified package.json
Modified page.php
Modified parts/content-author-listings.php
Modified parts/nav-mobile-menu.php
Modified parts/nav-mobile-title-bar.php
Modified parts/widget-featured-listing.php
Modified search.php
Modified sidebar-archive-listing.php
Modified sidebar-page.php
Modified sidebar-single-listing.php
Modified sidebar-user.php
Modified sidebar.php
Modified style.css
Modified theme-framework
Modified woocommerce/content-product.php
Modified woocommerce/global/wrapper-end.php
Modified woocommerce/global/wrapper-start.php
Modified woocommerce/loop/pagination.php
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