Vantage Version 4.1.3

On November 17, 2017, Vantage 4.1.3 was released. This release addresses a handful of bugs.

Note: If you are upgrading from version 3.x or earlier, please please please make a backup of your database first. This is in case something goes wrong or you want to revert back to version 3.x later. Once you activate 4.1.3, the migration script will automatically run and there’s no going back. The default data script can be manually run afterwards.


  • Fix Setup Page layout
  • Fixed Refine Results Search Radius
  • Bullets not working on listing page


  • Added WordPress version warning. So site admin will be informed if Vantage version is not compatible with WordPress version.
  • Minimal supported WordPress version has been raised to 4.7.4

Files Modified

Modified .testenv
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Modified assets/css/style.css
Modified assets/css/style.min.css
Modified assets/scss/partials/_widgets.scss
Modified changelog.txt
Modified framework
Modified functions.php
Modified includes/admin/class-admin-setup.php
Modified includes/class-refine-search.php
Modified includes/class-search.php
Modified includes/class-shortcodes.php
Modified includes/core
Modified includes/core.php
Modified includes/custom-forms.php
Modified includes/deprecated.php
Modified includes/listings/admin/class-business-listing-fields-metabox.php
Deleted includes/listings/admin/class-business-listing-settings.php
Modified includes/listings/class-business-listing-builder.php
Modified includes/listings/class-business-listing-form.php
Modified includes/listings/load.php
Modified includes/payments
Modified includes/views/class-listing-search.php
Modified languages/vantage.pot
Modified package.json
Modified step-edit-info.php
Modified style.css
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