Vantage Version 1.0.1

On June 17th 2012, Vantage 1.0.1 (our WordPress directory theme) was released. This is a maintenance release and upgrading is recommended. Fixed 56 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

To upgrade, visit AppThemes and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • The distance filter is now only shown if there’s a geo query
  • Searches with no input will now return all listings, instead of blog results
  • Searches with no results now display the correct message
  • Searches will now include a listing’s category and tag names
  • Searches ordered by rating behave correctly
  • Many IE issues have been fixed
  • Many styling issues have been fixed
  • Colored stylesheets are automatically disabled when a child theme is being used
  • Custom forms are no longer counted in the category counters
  • Internationalization has been added to single-listing.php
  • Review counts and averages are no longer affected by replies
  • Replied-to users no longer are prevented from seeing the reply to their review
  • A X-UA-Compatible header is now sent
  • Added a geocoding request when the coordinates for a listing are missing
  • Custom fields are now sanitized when saved
  • Custom fields now allow safe HTML
  • Categories/Tags with no listings now display proper messages
  • Comments now behave correctly when disabled
  • CSV files now correctly important ‘status’ columns


  • A barebones example child theme has been bundled for easily start a new child theme
  • Search terms are now listed at top of search results
  • Theme color options are now separated into another Appearance group
  • Ad widgets and sidebars are now available for listing pages
  • Themed logins have been added
  • Javascript validation has been added to review/replies
  • Default map zoom now shows location at street level
  • Listings Admin Table now displays the listing category and expire date
  • Orders now have their own statuses and their API has been updated
  • Orders now are accessed via a new permalink structure
  • Display listing category in admin list table
  • The Orders Admin Table has been revamped

Files Modified

Modified	archive-listing.php
Modified	edit-profile.php
Modified	examples/listings.csv
Modified	form-listing.php
Modified	form-review-reply.php
Modified	form-review.php
Modified	framework
Modified	functions.php
Modified	header.php
Modified	images/comment-count.png
Modified	includes/admin-bar.php
Modified	includes/admin/admin.php
Modified	includes/admin/settings.php
Modified	includes/categories.php
Modified	includes/controllers.php
Modified	includes/core.php
Modified	includes/custom-forms.php
Modified	includes/emails.php
Modified	includes/featured.php
Modified	includes/images.php
Modified	includes/listing-form.php
Modified	includes/payments.php
Modified	includes/reviews.php
Modified	includes/template-tags.php
Modified	includes/utils.php
Modified	includes/widgets.php
Modified	index.php
Modified	page.php
Modified	reviews-listing.php
Modified	scripts/listing-edit.js
Modified	scripts/scripts.js
Modified	sidebar-dashboard.php
Modified	sidebar.php
Modified	single-listing.php
Modified	single.php
Modified	style.css
Modified	styles/blue.css
Modified	styles/gray.css
Modified	styles/green.css
Modified	styles/navy.css
Modified	styles/orange.css
Modified	styles/pink.css
Modified	styles/purple.css
Modified	styles/red.css
Modified	vantage.pot
Modified	wrapper.php
Added		comments.php
Added		form-login.php
Added		form-password-recovery.php
Added		form-password-reset.php
Added		form-registration.php
Added		images/icon-meta-author.png
Added		images/icon-meta-categories.png
Added		images/icon-meta-date.png
Added		includes/admin/admin.css
Added		single-transaction.php
Added		vantage-child/archive-listing.php
Added		vantage-child/functions.php
Added		vantage-child/style.css
Deleted		includes/third-party/breadcrumb-trail.php
Deleted		purchase-listing.php
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