Vantage Settings

Vantage comes pre-loaded with settings to change how your site functions. The basic settings for Vantage can be found under the Settings page in the Vantage menu.


Vantage comes with some basic appearance options to allow you to personalize your site. Further appearance modifications should be done using a child theme.

Theme Color: Vantage comes with several different color options: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink and Dark Grey. Select any and press save to see the new style on your site. You can also use the Live Preview functionality of WordPress to preview the different color options before publishing them to your users.

Header Image: You can select your header image in the ‘Header’ section of WordPress’s Appearance menu.

Google Maps

The tutorial for setting up maps has been moved the Setting Up Maps and Using Map Widgets tutorial.

Categories Menu Item Options / Categories Page Options

The options control how categories are shown on both the categories page, and the category menu item.

Show Category Count: Next to each category, shows the number of business listings in that category

Hide Empty Sub-Categories: Hides sub-categories with no litings

Category Depth: Determines level of sub categories shown in menu or categories page

  • ‘0’ means only top level categories will be shown in the menu or categories page
  • ‘1’ means top level categories and sub-categories will be shown in the menu or categories page
  • ‘2’ means top level categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories will be shown in the menu or categories page
  • And so on
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