Surcharges for Listing in a Specific Category

Surcharges for Listing in a Specific Category

Once your customer has selected which plan they are going to proceed with they will need to select the category there add will be placed in. For instance, you may have categories titled: General Butchers, Farm Fresh Butchers and The Best Butchers in Town. Often you will not have a cost associated with categories, although for some exclusive categories you may wish to add an additional expense. In this example I will add an expense if the customer wants their ad to be categorised under ‘The Best Butchers in Town’. Charging for exclusive categories can allow you to further monetize your website.

  1. Create new categories by clicking the ‘Listings’ menu and then on ‘Categories’.
  2. Once you have created the categories you would like to offer you can choose to associate a cost with them.
  3. Click on the ‘Settings’ menu, under ‘Payments’. Then click on the ‘Listings’ tab.
  4. You will see a section titled ‘Listing Categories’. In the appropriate fields is where you can enter in a price you would like to charge for ads to be placed in that category. Leave the field as ‘0’ for categories that you wish to be free.
  5. Save changes you have made.

Now that you have created categories and associated a cost with certain categories, the customer can decide which one he would like his ad to appear in. Once my customer proceeds with a pricing plan they will be able to select from the following categories:


As you can see, my customers have the option of three categories. If my customer chooses to list their ad in the category: ‘The Best Butchers in Town’, $9.95 will be added to the price of their plan. For instance, if the Basic plan they chose is $10, they will be charged $19.95.

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