Updating Tickets with Keywords

In version 0.7 of Quality Control, we have implemented a feature to manage tickets by using keywords in commit messages.

The keywords use the following syntax: key:value


status – Sets the ticket status.

  • status:closed – changes the status of ticket to ‘closed’

priority – Sets the ticket priority.

  • priority:high – changes the priority of ticket to ‘high’

milestone – Sets the ticket milestone.

  • milestone:future-release – changes the milestone of ticket to ‘future-release’

category – Sets the ticket category.

  • category:design – changes the category of ticket to ‘design’

tagged – Adds tags to a ticket.

  • tagged:needs-testing – adds an ‘needs-testing’ tag to ticket
  • tagged:needs-testing tagged:dev-build – adds an ‘needs-testing’ and ‘dev-build’ tags to ticket

assigned – Assigns a ticket to users.

  • assigned:meloniq – assigns the ticket to ‘meloniq’ user
  • assigned:dave assigned:shannon – assigns the ticket to ‘dave’ and ‘shannon’ users

Best Practices

For best results in using this new feature, please note the following:

  • Do not put a space before or after the colon
  • Use values equal to those created by WordPress ‘slugs’ for each term
  • Value none clears the status, milestone, category and/or tags
  • To assign a user, use his login name as the value

Commit Messages

The above keywords can be present in commit messages from your source control tool (such as svn or git). You’ll have to add the ticket number to the commit message so Quality Control knows which ticket you want to update:

git commit -m "fixed the bug [#13 status:closed]"

You can also modify multiple tickets from a single commit:

git commit -m "fixed the bug [#13 #69 status:closed]"
git commit -m "fixed the bug [#13 tagged:needs-testing] [#69 status:closed milestone:3-3]"

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