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Setting up Maps and Using the Map Widgets

Previously, “Google” maps was the only option available that could be integrated with AppThemes. After feedback from our valued customers and the recent cost associated with Google maps, the AppThemes team has worked on adding additional Geo Services.

Each Geo Service is available as an addon extension. This allows you to set up maps on your AppThemes site with a Geo Service of your choosing.

Setting up maps

Depending on which AppTheme you are using, you will find the Geo Settings under the AppThemes main menu. It will appear as a stand alone menu titled ‘Geo Services’ (or similar).

General Settings

Geocoder – Google
Now that we have seen the General Settings for maps let’s go through the Google geocoder tab. Google is the default goecoder for an AppTheme. You can set up language and region biasing for Google’s geocoder using the options below.

Map Provider – Google
Google is the default Map Provider which is embedded with our AppThemes. You can set up language and region biasing of “Map Provider – Google” using the below mentioned options.

Using Map Widgets

Now that you have set up “Geo Settings”, we will walk you through set up and use of the location widgets. There are two location widgets available in Vantage.

Vantage – Listing/Event Location widget
The Vantage – Listing/Event Location widget displays a map containing the location of a single listing or event. This widget is used in the Single Listing Sidebar or the Single Event Sidebar.To use it, go to Admin > Appearance > Widgets. In the Available Widgets area, drag the Vantage – Listing/Event Location widget and drop it in the Single Listing Sidebar or the Single Event Sidebar.

Let’s review the options for this widget:

Vantage – Listings/Events Locations widget
The Vantage – Listings/Events Locations widget displays a large map at the top of all the pages where a list of listings or events is displayed – like the home page, search results or similar. All items on a given list page will appear on this large map – events and listings, all on one map.

To activate the large map go to, Admin > Appearance > Widgets. Look for the Vantage – Listings/Events Locations widget in the Available Widgets area and drag the widget to the List Page Top Sidebar as shown in the image below.

The Vantage – Listings/Events Locations widget is very simple and has only one option.

The image below shows how the map is displayed on the Home Page. In the map, locations for listings are marked with a blue pin, and events are marked with a red pin.

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