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Setting Up Events in Vantage

Enable Events

This tutorial is for Vantage (our WordPress directory theme). There are just a few things you will want to do to get Events going. We will walk you through the process here.

By default, events in vantage is disabled. To enable events in the administration panel, go to “Vantage > Settings > Events”. Here you can see an option “Enable Events”, checking this option and saving changes will enable events in Vantage.

Configuring Events

After you have enabled events you will be able to see the remaining configuration setting options.

General Settings

Search Settings

Appearance Settings

Integration Settings

Setting up Payments for Events

Now that we have configured all the general settings events, let’s go ahead and setup payment settings for events.

Vantage allows you to charge for users to post events to your site. Events are offered with a simpler pricing structure than listings but you still get plenty of listing options.

Enable Payments for Events
If you are going to charge for events, you want to enable this in Vantage. The default setting for this is “Off”. To enable it, go to Admin > Vantage > Settings >Events. You should see the admin panel pictured below.

Make sure “Charge for Events” is checked and click the “Save Changes” button. Vantage will now charge for Events.

Pricing Settings
Now that we have enabled charging for events, let’s see how to set up pricing for events in Vantage. Go to Admin > Payment > Settings > Events tab to access payments settings for events. Payments settings for events will not be accessible if charging for events is not enabled.
Settings for pricing are explained below.

To learn more about pricing and other pricing settings in Vantage, read our tutorial Setting Up Payments in Vantage.

Events are Now Ready to Go!

Once you have enabled events, saved events settings and set up event pricing, you’re ready to go. Your site’s visitors can now post events to your Vantage business directory website.

If you did not enable events moderation, all new events will be published to your site immediately. On the other hand, if you enabled events moderation, you will need to approve events before they are published. Let’s take a look at how that is done.

Moderating Events
Reviewing Events before they are posted is a good way to make sure that the content on your site is top-notch. See the instructions above to find out how to enable events moderation.

Approving an Event
Let’s see how to approve an Event posted by a user. Start by going to Admin > Events and a list of all the Events posted will appear.

At this point, you have a couple of options on how you can approve an event.

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