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How to setup a PayPal Adaptive Live AppID

Some of our themes now provides an escrow like service via the PayPal Adaptive API but before you’re able to use this service you need to request a Live AppID from PayPal. For that you’ll need to fill some details about your site and how the API will be used on your site.

This ‘How To’ should help you setup your PayPal Live Application.

Creating a new Application

To create a new application start by going to your PayPal applications account:

For more technical information about Adaptive Payments, visit the PayPal developer docs page.

Below you’ll find help on the information required for the application.

App Information

Services used by app

Conditional Approvement

After submitting your application the live status should be immediately set to ‘Conditionally Approved‘. This means that most of the application API services are still restricted, mainly the most important one: PayPal Delayed Chained Payments, meaning that the escrow service will still NOT work.

You’ll ONLY be able to start using escrow services on your theme after PayPal gives you confirmation on the final approvement to use the Delayed Chained Payments API service.

Approvement Confirmation

After you get the confirmation from PayPal that Chained Payments are active for your application you should be able to start using escrow services on your theme. If you have any issues please use the forums so our support team can help you further.


PayPal Delayed Chained Payments imposes a 90 day limit for the funds release. We suggest informing your users about this limit and limit project development to a 90 days window. If a project runs for longer then 90 days, and the funds were not released they will be returned to the buyer (the employer).

The payment must occur within 90 days, after which you cannot complete the payment as part of the original chained payment.

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