Taskerr Version 1.3.4

On August 21 2020, Taskerr 1.3.4 (our WordPress micro jobs theme) was released. This is a minor release to patch a number of issues and introduce some improvements. Updating is highly recommended. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit www.appthemes.com and click on My Account to download the updated version.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.


  • Fixed custom header theme support.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5.
  • Fixed Embedding media via Media Manager.
  • Fixed issue with deprecated contextual_help filter called in scb framework.
  • Fixed issue with orphaned subcategories in the function appthemes_categories_list()
  • Fixed appthemes_create_child_list(): don’t lost $wrappers in sub-sub categories
  • Fixed issue with disabled “Insert into Post” button on Media Manager.
  • Fixed possible issue with page view counter.
  • Use proper errors checking instead of silencing errors in the class APP_Widget


  • Added WordPress Confirm action handler to the AppThemes Login page.
  • Disallow direct access to the Password Reset page.
  • Remove G+ from the list of social networks.
  • Don’t limit attachments for admins in Media Manager. Don’t limit attachments for a current post in Media Manager, allow using filter “Uploaded to this post” instead.
  • Allow to pass a callback function to the appthemes_categories_list()
  • Allow to use optional HTML wrappers instead of hardcoded in appthemes_categories_list() and appthemes_categories_list()

Files Modified

Modified		email-signature.php
Modified		framework
Modified		framework/admin/class-widget.php
Modified		framework/kernel/functions.php
Modified		framework/load.php
Modified		framework/media-manager/media-manager.php
Modified		framework/media-manager/scripts/media-manager.js
Modified		framework/scb
Modified		includes/admin/featured.php
Modified		includes/custom-header.php
Modified		includes/options.php
Modified		includes/social.php
Modified		includes/stats.php
Modified		includes/template-tags.php
Modified		scripts/dashboard.js
Modified		scripts/scripts.js
Modified		theme-framework
Modified		theme-framework/includes/views-login.php
Modified		theme-framework/kernel/breadcrumb-trail.php
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/css/customizer.css
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/inc/custom-controls.php
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/inc/google-fonts-alphabetical.json
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/inc/google-fonts-popularity.json
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/inc/sanitizers.php
Modified		theme-framework/lib/customizer-custom-controls/js/customizer.js
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