Supporting an Item

Sellers are responsible for supporting customers who purchased their item(s). Sellers are also expected to fix bugs and provide general maintenance updates for their items.

Support Options

There are two choices on how a seller can provide item support. Each option has it’s own benefits so the choice depends on what the seller wishes to do.

  1. Use our existing support system via a dedicated space within the AppThemes forums
  2. Use your own support system such as HelpScout, ZenDesk, or any other external support model

Forum Support

Sellers may use their forum space to support, promote or link to items they sell in the marketplace. Sellers will have moderator access to their dedicated forums and receive email notifications whenever a new thread or post is created. Sellers may not use their forum space to support, promote or link to items not sold in the marketplace.

Outside of their designated support space, sellers may not use the AppThemes forums to support, promote or link to any items – regardless of whether or not that item is sold in the marketplace.

External Support

We have much less visibility into external systems but this is often the preferred method by our sellers. This is because it allows much more control over support and better integrates into existing systems.

Note: If customers complain that support is lacking, we reserve the right to freeze your item (i.e. remove from our Marketplace) until the issue is resolved. Typically we will contact the seller first letting them know about the complaint. It is then up to them to resolve the issue.

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