Income & Payouts

Every time an item is sold on the marketplace, 60% of the final sale goes to the seller. Additionally, sellers can earn an additional 30% of the final sale amount by referring customers as a part of our affiliate program. Sellers have a potential to earn up to 90% of the final sale amount.

How Do Sellers Get Paid?

At the end of each month, seller earnings are calculated for all sales completed in that month. Payments to sellers are sent within 15 days after the end of the month. If the 15th day falls on a non-business day (weekends and holidays), payments will be made sent on the next business day.

Recurring Payments

At this time, we do not allow recurring payments on products sold in the marketplace. All items are sold for a one time only payment.

Minimum Balance

There is no minimum balance each seller needs to maintain in order to get paid for the prior months sales.


Occasionally AppThemes receives chargebacks from credit card companies and payment gateways. It is not unusual for these chargebacks to be the result of fraud or identity theft. While AppThemes makes every effort to avoid chargebacks, they do occur. All chargebacks will be deducted from the sellers earnings.

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