Quality Control Version 0.8.1

On August 27th 2015, Quality Control 0.8.1 (our WordPress issue tracking theme) was released. This is a maintenance release with some fixes, including the double password field issue triggered with the WordPress 4.3 update. Updating is highly recommended. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit www.appthemes.com and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Duplicate field showing on registration form after WP 4.3


  • There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

Files Modified

Added form-password-reset-fields.php
Added form-registration-fields.php
Added scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.es-short.js
Modified changelog.txt
Modified footer.php
Modified form-password-reset.php
Modified form-registration.php
Modified functions.php
Modified includes/core.php
Modified qualitycontrol.pot
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.ar.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.bg.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.el.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.he.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.hy.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.ja.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.ko.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.mk.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.pl.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.ru.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.th.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.uk.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.zh-CN.js
Modified scripts/i18n/timeago/jquery.timeago.zh-TW.js
Modified scripts/jquery.timeago.js
Modified style-login.css
Modified style.css
Modified templates/form-edit-profile.php
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