Quality Control Version 0.6

On October 23rd 2012, Quality Control 0.6 was released. This is mostly a maintenance release, which addresses multiple issues but also adds some enhancements. Upgrading is recommended for all customers.

Upgrade Information

Now you can automatically upgrade directly from your WordPress admin. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to Quality Control. If you don’t, check back later. The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day.

It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who wish to preserve their code modifications, will need to manually upgrade instead.


  • tag archives work again
  • many fixes related to capabilities


  • themed login pages
  • archives don’t show ticket descriptions anymore
  • compatibility with WordPress 3.4
  • compatibility with Subscribe To Comments Reloaded plugin

Files Modified

Modified	changelog.txt
Modified	comments.php
Added		form-login.php
Added		form-password-recovery.php
Added		form-password-reset.php
Added		form-registration.php
Modified	framework
Modified	functions.php
Modified	header.php
Deleted		images/favicon.png
Deleted		images/ticket.png
Modified	includes/admin/admin.css
Modified	includes/admin/admin.php
Deleted		includes/admin/options.php
Added		includes/admin/settings.php
Added		includes/class-qc-taxonomy.php
Deleted		includes/classes/qc-taxonomy.php
Deleted		includes/classes/user-profile.php
Modified	includes/comments.php
Added		includes/core.php
Modified	includes/modules/assignment.php
Modified	includes/modules/changesets.php
Modified	includes/modules/tags.php
Added		includes/options.php
Modified	includes/template-tags.php
Modified	includes/tickets.php
Added		includes/views.php
Modified	includes/widgets.php
Modified	index.php
Modified	qualitycontrol.pot
Added		scripts/jquery.timeago.js
Added		scripts/qc-general.js
Modified	scripts/qc.js
Modified	sidebar.php
Added		style-login.css
Modified	style.css
Deleted		styles/blue.css
Deleted		styles/gray.css
Deleted		styles/green.css
Deleted		styles/orange.css
Deleted		styles/red.css
Modified	templates/form-edit-profile.php
Modified	templates/form-update-ticket.php
Modified	templates/loop-ticket.php
Modified	templates/navigation.php
Modified	templates/ticket-meta.php
Added		templates/user-box-visitor.php
Added		templates/user-box.php
Added		tests/lib
Added		tests/test_emails.php
Added		tests/test_protected.php
Added		tests/test_read-only.php
Added		tests/testcase.php
Modified	wrapper.php
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