AppThemes Coupons are an easy way for site owners to create and offer coupons to their customers.


Its really easy to install AppThemes Coupons. Simply get the plugin on the AppThemes Marketplace, and then install it like any other plugin.

Creating a Coupon

To create a new coupon. Click on the Payments menu and go to the Coupons page. From there you can add a new coupon. When you add a new coupon, you’ll have several options.

The first thing you’ll have to do is give your coupon a code. This is a string that the users will type in when they want to use the coupon.

Every coupon is meant to discount a purchase. You can select one of two types of discounts. You can either select a percentage or a flat rate discount. Percentage discounts will base their discount on the total price of the order. Flat rate discounts will always discount the same amount.

Entering the discount amount and type will let your site know how much to subtract from orders using this coupon.

Customizing Your Coupon

There are even more ways you can customize your coupon.

Start and End Dates

You can define the start and end date that you coupon can be used. The coupon will become active, and expired at midnight on the dates of your choosing, according to your server’s time. Verify this time with your server administrator.

Use Limits

You can define limits for the coupon. These limits can be for the entire site, per user, or both. A per user limit means that a user can only use this coupon the specified number of times. A site limit means that the coupon can only be used that number of times across the whole site.

You can use the limits together to create coupons that can only be used twice by each user, and only 500 times on the site.

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