JobRoller Version 1.5

On October 14th, 2011, JobRoller 1.5 was released. This is a bug fix and new feature release so upgrading is recommended. Fixed 40 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

NOTE: There is also an important change pertaining to the Indeed integration feature and all customers should have received an email with the details. Do not upgrade until you understand how this change will affect you. Don’t use the Indeed integration? You have nothing to worry about then.

Upgrade Information

To download v1.5, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. Existing customers can download the patch or the full version.


  • performed security sweep and escaped/tightened up code where needed
  • added a break in theme-geolocation when doing a reverse lookup, so that the correct location is found and used
  • localization fixes
  • placeholder fallback script
  • job term count after expired job
  • fixed unlimited job packs
  • pagination on author pages
  • fixed jr_check_jobs_expired cron job


  • added ‘gl’ attribute to google map searches to add country code biasing
  • added new ‘recruiters’ user type
  • added radial search to resumes
  • added notice to resume when its private
  • apply form anti-spam only needed when logged out
  • apply form now lets you choose an existing resume
  • new feature when applying with an existing resume, the job lister gets a link with a key which lets them view the resume without logging in
  • JS Google Maps API used to get place names rather than a reverse lookup, same in admin
  • transients used to store searches/lat-long to save on google api queries
  • added location option to indeed searches
  • ‘Anywhere’ jobs are included in location search results
  • stylesheet path (child theme support) for color scheme css files in header.php
  • different method of loading IE hacks (via class) – hack css files removed
  • added resume subscription button + IPN integration
  • edit user page lists a user’s active job packs
  • added ability to delete packs from edit user page
  • added ability to add packs to users from the edit user page
  • added map view to single job listings
  • renamed /css folder to /styles to conform with theme standards

Files Modified

Modified       header-search.php
Modified       tpl-profile.php
Modified       tpl-submit.php
Modified       style.css
Modified       author.php
Modified       search-resume.php
Modified       search.php
Modified       jobroller-no-admin.pot
Modified       loop-resume.php
Modified       single-resume.php
Added          images/marker.png
Modified       archive-resume.php
Modified       includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified       includes/gateways/paypal.php
Modified       includes/theme-users.php
Added          includes/theme-resumes.php
Modified       includes/js/theme-scripts.js
Added          includes/js/jquery.defaultvalue.js
Modified       includes/theme-header.php
Modified       includes/sidebar-resume-nav.php
Modified       includes/theme-stats.php
Modified       includes/forms/submit-resume/submit-resume-process.php
Modified       includes/forms/application/application-process.php
Modified       includes/forms/application/application-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/register/register-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-process.php
Modified       includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/preview-job/preview-job-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/seeker-prefs/seeker-prefs-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/seeker-prefs/seeker-prefs-process.php
Modified       includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-form.php
Modified       includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-process.php
Modified       includes/theme-actions.php
Modified       includes/theme-cron.php
Modified       includes/indeed/theme-indeed.php
Modified       includes/admin/admin-post-types.php
Modified       includes/admin/admin-options.php
Modified       includes/admin/admin-jobpacks.php
Modified       includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified       includes/admin/admin-style.css
Modified       includes/admin/write-panel.php
Modified       includes/admin/install-script.php
Modified       includes/theme-geolocation.php
Modified       includes/theme-widgets.php
Modified       includes/classes/orders.class.php
Modified       includes/classes/packs.class.php
Modified       includes/theme-enqueue.php
Modified       includes/theme-functions.php
Modified       includes/theme-emails.php
Modified       includes/theme-support.php
Modified       single-job_listing.php
Modified       header.php
Modified       header-resume-search.php
Modified       tpl-myjobs.php
Modified       jobroller.pot
Modified       index.php
Modified       functions.php
Modified       changelog.txt
Modified       tpl-edit-resume.php
Modified       loop-job.php
Modified       tpl-contact.php
Deleted        jobroller-no-admin.po
Deleted        jobroller.po
Added          /framework
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