JobRoller Version 1.1

On September 30, 2010, JobRoller 1.1 was released. This is a maintenance release and all customers should upgrade. Fixed 36 tickets total. A break down of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

To download this version, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. Existing customers can download the patch or the full version.


  • fixed orange rollovers in grey pro theme
  • fixed company logo upload title
  • admin login redirect
  • logo letter spacing
  • lost password styling
  • jobs no longer assigned to admin after approval
  • moved application success box


  • added pro.css for all pro themes (easier to change widths)
  • included IP Address of submitter after submit
  • added 125ads widget
  • made sidebars wider
  • added user profile page (must reinstall to have this set-up)
  • added post transition emails
  • added email functions
  • relist option added
  • allow html in job descriptions option
  • exclude blog page option
  • edit job page template/functionality added
  • tinymce added
  • new users are set as “contributors”
  • job cat display in post
  • broken down job submission into separate files
  • added author column to admin jobs
  • added New geolocation features to all screens/listings. Jobs without lat/long will be ‘Anywhere’
  • added Job Category listing template
  • make description boxes wider
  • added logging functionality

Files Modified

tpl-edit-job.php	Added
tpl-profile.php	Added
includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-process.php	Added
includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-form.php	Added
includes/forms/confirm-job	Added
includes/forms/edit-job	Added
includes/forms/preview-job/preview-job-form.php	Added
images/ad125a.gif	Added
images/ad125b.gif	Added
includes/forms/preview-job	Added
includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-form.php	Added
includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-process.php	Added
includes/forms/submit-job	Added
includes/forms/edit-job/edit-job-process.php	Added
includes/forms/edit-job/edit-job-form.php	Added
includes/theme-geolocation.php	Added
includes/theme-emails.php	Added
includes/theme-log.php	Added
log/jobroller_log.txt	Added
log	Added
tpl-job-cats.php	Added
css/pro.css	Added
includes/gateways/paypal.php	Modified
includes/forms/application/application-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/application/application-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/register/register-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/login/login-process.php	Modified
includes/theme-actions.php	Modified
includes/theme-cron.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/admin/write-panel.php	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
tpl-submit.php	Modified
includes/theme-widgets.php	Modified
includes/theme-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/theme-login.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
style.css	Modified
includes/theme-support.php	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.pot	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.po	Modified
single.php	Modified
single-job_listing.php	Modified
tpl-add-new-confirm.php	Modified
loop.php	Modified
includes/featured-jobs.php	Modified
tpl-myjobs.php	Modified
css/style-pro-green.css	Modified
css/style-pro-gray.css	Modified
css/style-basic.css	Modified
includes/gateways/admin-gateway-values.php	Modified
css/style-default.css	Modified
css/style-pro-blue.css	Modified
css/style-pro-red.css	Modified
css/style-pro-orange.css	Modified
jobroller.pot	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
tpl-blog.php	Modified
loop-job.php	Modified
jobroller.po	Modified
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