Ideas Version 1.3

On March 27th 2014, Ideas 1.3 (our WordPress ideas theme) was released. This is a maintenance and major new release. Upgrading is highly recommended. Fixed 45 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Fixed redirecting user after login
  • Fixed issue with ‘order by’ functionality in wp-admin
  • Fixed admin menu icons on WP 3.8
  • Fixed issue where user was not able to recover password
  • Fixed Strict Standards errors
  • Fixed reseting user preferences while editing profile on frontend
  • Fixed content of Ideas column on WP->Users page, was displaying posts
  • Fixed issues with ‘quick edit’ functionality for ideas
  • Fixed login form URLs when FORCE_SSL_LOGIN defined
  • Fixed excluding pages from blog search
  • Fixed image align on blog posts
  • Fixed related ideas section, ideas are refined now by category
  • Fixed singular forms for ‘votes’ and ‘responses’
  • Fixed preseting widgets in sidebars on theme installation
  • Fixed display of custom taxonomies columns in wp-admin
  • Fixed filtering by taxonomies in wp-admin


  • Made layout responsive for optimal viewing on any device
  • Added TinyNav menu for mobile devices
  • Added support for multi level header menu
  • Added option to add tags to ideas
  • Added option to set limit user can vote per one idea
  • Added feature that displays on frontend all available terms (categories and statuses)
  • Added open graph meta tags
  • Added option to disallow access to WP Admin
  • Added ‘search index’ for ideas that improves performance of search queries
  • Added system information page in wp-admin
  • Added Snapshot to admin dashboard
  • Introduced functions to obtain class instances
  • Added CSS styling for Twitter Pro Widget
  • Added Importer and sample .CSV file
  • Added password strength meter to edit profile page
  • Moved jQuery Validation to Framework, and messages to theme localization file
  • Added jQuery Validation to contact page
  • Added feature to ping ‘update services’ while publish idea
  • Converted all emails to use appthemes_send_email()
  • Added changed_files.txt that contain list of changed files
  • Added wp-admin and logout link to actions widget in user dashboard for easier access
  • Added edit idea link to single idea page
  • Added info under voting stats when idea is closed
  • Added compatibility with OneAll Social Login plugin
  • Added feature that allows admins&editors to assign many terms (frontend&backend)
  • Added feature allows editors to reset votes
  • Added support for displaying text in header with customized color instead of logo

Files Modified

Modified		404.php
Modified		add-idea-no-auth.php
Modified		add-idea.php
Modified		archive-idea.php
Modified		archive.php
Modified		author-setup.php
Modified		author.php
Modified		category.php
Added			changed_files.txt
Modified		changelog.txt
Modified		comments-idea.php
Modified		comments.php
Modified		content-idea.php
Modified		content-none.php
Modified		content-page.php
Modified		content.php
Modified		edit-profile.php
Added			examples/ideas.csv
Modified		footer.php
Modified		form-comments-ideas.php
Modified		form-comments.php
Modified		form-contact.php
Modified		form-idea.php
Modified		form-login.php
Modified		form-password-recovery.php
Modified		form-password-reset.php
Modified		form-registration.php
Modified		framework
Modified		functions.php
Modified		header.php
Added			ideas-home.php
Modified		ideas.pot
Modified		image.php
Added			images/twitter-sprite.png
Modified		includes/admin-bar.php
Modified		includes/admin/admin.css
Modified		includes/admin/admin.php
Modified		includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified		includes/admin/idea-list.php
Modified		includes/admin/idea-single.php
Added			includes/admin/importer.php
Added			includes/admin/install.php
Modified		includes/admin/scripts/idea-edit.js
Modified		includes/admin/settings.php
Modified		includes/admin/updates.php
Modified		includes/capabilities.php
Modified		includes/comments.php
Modified		includes/core.php
Modified		includes/email.php
Modified		includes/header.php
Modified		includes/idea-form.php
Modified		includes/idea-status.php
Modified		includes/options.php
Modified		includes/template-tags.php
Modified		includes/users.php
Modified		includes/utils.php
Modified		includes/views.php
Modified		includes/widgets.php
Modified		index.php
Modified		page-fullwidth.php
Modified		page.php
Modified		related-ideas.php
Modified		scripts/idea-edit.js
Modified		scripts/idea-single.js
Added			scripts/jquery.tinynav.js
Added			scripts/jquery.tinynav.min.js
Deleted			scripts/jquery.validate.min.js
Modified		scripts/scripts.js
Modified		search-bar.php
Modified		sidebar-add-idea.php
Modified		sidebar-author.php
Modified		sidebar-header.php
Modified		sidebar-page.php
Modified		sidebar-post.php
Modified		sidebar-single-idea.php
Modified		sidebar-single.php
Modified		sidebar.php
Modified		single-idea.php
Modified		single.php
Modified		style.css
Modified		styles/blue.css
Modified		styles/green.css
Modified		styles/grey.css
Modified		styles/normalize.css
Modified		styles/orange.css
Modified		styles/red.css
Modified		wrapper.php
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