Runs in the html head where the meta tags are located. This is an ideal spot to load any additional meta tags. For loading .css and .js files, you should use wp_head() instead.

function appthemes_meta() { 


If you’d like to insert a Google Analytics meta tag without modifying the header.php theme file, this is the perfect hook to use. Here’s how to do it. Drop the following code in your functions.php file.

function insert_google_analytics_meta() { 
    echo '<meta name="google-site-verification" content="dBw5CvburAxi537Rp9qi">';
add_action( 'appthemes_meta', 'insert_google_analytics_meta' ); 

You’d replace the content=”” with the unique one Google Analytics provides you, however.


  • since 1.1

Source File

appthemes_meta() is located in includes/appthemes-hooks.php.

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