This action hook executes in the loop-[post_type].php file and loads within the loop between else; and endif; runs.

Use this action when you want to output something when a user didn’t find the page he/she was looking for.


Example: Redirect to Home Page

If your user didn’t find the page he was looking for, you can use this hook to give him a message or a link back to the home page.

function insert_home_page_link() { 
    echo '<a href="' . esc_attr( home_url() ) . '">' . __( 'Return to Home', 'appthemes' ) . '</a>.';
add_action( 'appthemes_loop_else', 'insert_home_page_link' ); 


  • since 1.1

Source File

appthemes_loop_else() is located in loop-[post_type].php.

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