HireBee Version 1.4.1

On August 22nd 2017, HireBee 1.4.1 was released. Updating is highly recommended. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.


  • Added missing image.php theme template file
  • Added missing the_tags() in the single blog post page so tags show up
  • Added an author bio section to the bottom of each blog post. Only display if author has a description written
  • Added missing wp_link_pages() to support pagination within pages and blog posts <!–nextpage–>
  • Added focus color scheme styles for buttons and links
  • Styled the post password protected submit button
  • Blog post & page edit & read more buttons now matches the active color scheme
  • Make sure embedded videos are 100% wide and scaled correctly
  • Checkout progress steps no longer wrap and break in responsive view
  • Added missing archive.php theme template file so blog date links work correctly (e.g. /2017/07/)


  • Changed how the heart is styled for favorite links
  • Moved remaining content-*.php files into parts directory
  • Moved project details section tab up into project main area on single project page
  • Put hrb_output_user_actions() do_action in actual profile page template instead of using separate function
  • Removed “Edit Profile” button link on the public profile page
  • Made html tables 100% wide by default
  • Show a “project owner” label next to clarification board owner responses
  • Show an “author” label next to blog post author responses
  • Added a custom comments callback hrb_comments_callback() for further comment/responses customization
  • Removed legacy PIE.htc file and 3rd party includes folder
  • Updated the screenshot.png file with the new company logo and homepage screenshot

Files Modified

Modified Gruntfile.js
Added archive.php
Modified assets/css/foundation.css
Modified assets/css/foundation.min.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Modified assets/css/style.css
Modified assets/css/style.min.css
Modified assets/js/lib/foundation/foundation.js
Modified assets/js/lib/foundation/foundation.min.js
Modified assets/scss/modules/_variables.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_base.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_comments.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_forms.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_icons.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_labels.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_media-queries.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_page-dashboard.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-image.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-post.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_page-project.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_pagination.scss
Added assets/scss/partials/_tables.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_tabs.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_widgets.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_wordpress.scss
Modified assets/scss/style.scss
Modified assets/scss/vendor/foundation/_settings.scss
Modified bower.json
Modified changelog.txt
Modified comments.php
Modified dashboard-projects-section-favorites.php
Modified dashboard-reviews.php
Modified dashboard-workspace-section-reviews.php
Modified form-project-preview.php
Modified form-project-purchase-new.php
Modified form-saved-filter.php
Modified functions.php
Modified grunt/contrib-csslint.js
Modified grunt/contrib-sass.js
Modified grunt/contrib-watch.js
Modified grunt/fixindent.js
Added image.php
Modified includes/admin/dashboard.php
Modified includes/admin/payments-list.php
Modified includes/admin/project-list.php
Modified includes/admin/project-plans.php
Modified includes/admin/project-single.php
Modified includes/admin/proposal-plans.php
Modified includes/admin/users.php
Modified includes/bidding/bid-capabilities.php
Modified includes/bidding/bid-comments.php
Modified includes/bidding/bid-factory.php
Modified includes/bidding/bid-handle.php
Modified includes/bidding/bid-notify-class.php
Modified includes/bidding/load.php
Modified includes/comments.php
Modified includes/custom-forms
Modified includes/deprecated.php
Modified includes/disputes/admin/settings.php
Modified includes/forms-projects.php
Modified includes/helper.php
Added includes/integrations/foundation-framework/class-foundation-framework.php
Modified includes/template-tags-site.php
Modified includes/template-tags-user.php
Modified includes/theme-support.php
Deleted includes/third-party/PIE.htc
Modified includes/views-proposals.php
Modified includes/widgets.php
Modified languages/hirebee.pot
Modified order-select.php
Added parts/content-bio.php
Renamed content-freelancer.php parts/content-freelancer.php
Added parts/content-image.php
Modified parts/content-page.php
Renamed content-project-secondary.php parts/content-project-secondary.php
Added parts/content-project-single.php
Renamed content-project.php parts/content-project.php
Renamed content-proposal.php parts/content-proposal.php
Renamed content-review.php parts/content-review.php
Modified parts/content.php
Modified parts/loop-freelancer.php
Modified parts/loop-project.php
Modified profile-section-projects.php
Modified profile-section-reviews.php
Modified profile.php
Modified screenshot.png
Deleted single-project-section-details.php
Modified single-project-section-proposals.php
Modified single-project.php
Modified style.css
Modified styles/dark.css
Modified styles/green.css
Modified styles/modern.css
Modified styles/urban.css
Modified styles/water.css
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