HireBee Version 1.3.7

On July 28th 2016, HireBee 1.3.7 (our WordPress freelance marketplace theme) was released. This is a hotfix release in response to an important change Google made with their Maps API. Once you upgrade, make sure to follow our API key tutorial. Updating is highly recommended. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit www.appthemes.com and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Google Geocode API issue
  • Character “-” in page titles
  • Disable shortcodes in description field, for non-admin users

Files Modified

Modified changelog.txt
Modified functions.php
Modified hirebee.pot
Modified includes/custom-forms
Modified includes/forms-projects.php
Modified includes/geo
Modified includes/payments
Modified includes/template-tags-site.php
Modified includes/theme-support.php
Modified includes/users.php
Modified includes/utils.php
Modified includes/views-dashboard.php
Modified includes/views-projects.php
Modified includes/views-proposals.php
Modified includes/views-purchase.php
Modified includes/views-users.php
Modified includes/views.php
Modified includes/widgets.php
Modified includes/workspace.php
Modified style.css
Modified theme-framework
Modified wrapper.php
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