HireBee Version 1.3.2

On June 15th 2015, HireBee 1.3.2 (our WordPress freelance marketplace theme) was released. This is a general maintenance release including bug fixes and small improvements. Upgrading is recommended. Fixed 32 tickets total.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme, or visit www.appthemes.com and click on My Account to download the updated version.


  • Dropdowns opening automatically when viewing all projects on user dashboard
  • File upload requirements only being considered when media browser was opened for the first time (on post submission)
  • Workspace title link not linking to single project page
  • Option selected in “Show x results per page” filter being ignored on user dashboard
  • Employers receiving two emails (“project x was published” and “project x was updated”) when a project was submitted
  • PayPal payment loop during escrow payments
  • Edited proposals being displayed as messages on the clarification board
  • Custom file upload fields ignoring file size limits set on the settings page
  • ‘No ratings yet’ text being cut off on small screens
  • Known WordPress XSS vulnerability with ‘add_query_arg()’ and ‘remove_query_arg()’
  • ‘Twitter’ was misspelled
  • Unnecessary JS files loading on the front page
  • Skills and rate per hour fields being displayed to employers on the edit profile page
  • Freelancers search not returning any results for users that changed their display name
  • Visitors able to post on a project clarification board
  • 125×125 widgets content not being saved properly
  • Projects relisting process being “stuck” on the preview step, when ‘Charging for Projects’ disabled
  • Relisted projects always waiting for moderation, independently of the ‘Moderate Projects’ option


  • Better support for SEO in page titles
  • Free credits are now given to employers only if the option ‘General > Shared Roles Capabilities’ is enabled
  • Sort categories and skills alphabetically on project submission form
  • Load minified versions of javascript and CSS files (faster page loads)
  • Deleted unused ‘colorbox’ folder
  • Removed empty lines and spaces from ‘admin.css’ file (results in smaller file)
  • Improved tooltips and descriptions in backend settings pages
  • Backend project listings and order columns are now responsive
  • Removed ‘::’ from widget titles
  • Allow selecting users display names in edit profile page, using dropdown (mimics WordPress backend display names dropdown)
  • Replaced ‘get_the_excerpt()’ with ‘the_excerpt()’ on the front page for better compatibility with plugins that rely on ‘the_excerpt()’, like ‘StarStruck’


  • Added button for direct access to a project workspace from the single project page
  • Added new ‘Add-ons’ menu sub-item for quick browsing of the AppThemes Marketplace
  • Added new ‘Security’ tab with options to disable backend access

Files Modified

Added includes/admin/addons-mp
Added includes/deprecated.php
Added includes/security.php
Added scripts/core/zepto.min.js
Added scripts/dashboard.min.js
Added scripts/jquery/tagmanager/jquery.tagmanager.min.css
Added scripts/jquery/tagmanager/jquery.tagmanager.min.js
Added scripts/project-categories.min.js
Added scripts/project-edit.min.js
Added scripts/proposal-agreement.min.js
Added scripts/proposal-edit.min.js
Added scripts/saved-filters.min.js
Added scripts/scripts.min.js
Added scripts/user-edit.min.js
Added scripts/workspace.min.js
Added style.min.css
Added styles/core/foundation-icons.min.css
Added styles/core/normalize.min.css
Added styles/jqueryui/jquery-ui.min.css
Deleted scripts/core/zepto.js
Deleted scripts/jquery/jquery.range.js
Deleted scripts/jquery/tagmanager/jquery.tagmanager.css
Deleted scripts/jquery/tagmanager/jquery.tagmanager.js
Deleted styles/colorbox/colorbox.css
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/border.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/controls.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderBottomCenter.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderBottomLeft.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderBottomRight.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderMiddleLeft.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderMiddleRight.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderTopCenter.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderTopLeft.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/ie6/borderTopRight.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/loading_background.png
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/loading.gif
Deleted styles/colorbox/images/overlay.png
Deleted styles/core/foundation-icons.css
Deleted styles/core/foundation.css
Deleted styles/core/normalize.css
Deleted styles/core/presentation.css
Deleted styles/jqueryui/jquery-ui.css
Modified dashboard-workspace.php
Modified edit-profile.php
Modified footer.php
Modified form-credits-purchase.php
Modified form-project-preview.php
Modified form-project-purchase-new.php
Modified form-project-submit-free.php
Modified form-project.php
Modified framework
Modified functions.php
Modified hirebee.pot
Modified includes/activate.php
Modified includes/admin/admin.css
Modified includes/admin/admin.php
Modified includes/admin/install.php
Modified includes/admin/project-single.php
Modified includes/admin/settings.php
Modified includes/agreement.php
Modified includes/capabilities.php
Modified includes/core.php
Modified includes/credits.php
Modified includes/custom-forms.php
Modified includes/dashboard.php
Modified includes/escrow.php
Modified includes/forms-dashboard.php
Modified includes/forms-projects.php
Modified includes/forms-proposals.php
Modified includes/forms-purchase.php
Modified includes/media.php
Modified includes/notifications.php
Modified includes/options.php
Modified includes/payments
Modified includes/payments.php
Modified includes/setup-theme.php
Modified includes/status.php
Modified includes/template-tags-orders.php
Modified includes/template-tags-projects.php
Modified includes/template-tags-proposals.php
Modified includes/template-tags-site.php
Modified includes/theme-support.php
Modified includes/views-projects.php
Modified includes/views-proposals.php
Modified includes/views-purchase.php
Modified includes/views-users.php
Modified includes/views.php
Modified includes/widgets
Modified includes/widgets.php
Modified includes/workspace.php
Modified order-checkout.php
Modified order-select.php
Modified scripts/proposal-agreement.js
Modified scripts/scripts.js
Modified single-project-section-clarification.php
Modified single-project-section-proposals.php
Modified style.css
Modified wrapper.php
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