What is an Order?

An order is a representation of a transaction that a user wants to take place. If you do any development using the Payments API, you are going to run across orders all the time. They look a little like this:

    'id' : "Order ID",
    'author' : "The creator's user ID",
    'ip_address' : "The ip address of the creator",
    'status' : "Either ( pending, failed, or completed )",
    'items' : [{
        'type' : "A string representing the item type",
        'price' : "The price (negative or positive) or an item",
        'post_id' : "The post that this item is tied to",
    'currency' : "The currency code for the order",
    'total' : "The combined price of all items",
    'gateway' : "The payment gateway being used to process the order",

Most of the time, you as a developer are not going to be interacting with a data structure that looks exactly like this. Instead, you will be using the Order object. The Order object makes it easy to add, update, and retrieve data from an order.

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