Clipper Version 2.0.2

On February 1st, 2019, Clipper 2.0.2 was released. This release addresses a handful of bugs and introduces few minor improvements.

Upgrade Information

Use the AppThemes Updater Plugin to automatically update the theme. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to Clipper. If you don’t, check back later. The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day. It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who have made theme code changes will need to manually upgrade instead.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.

The translation template file (clipper.pot) has been changed. Please update your translations if you use them.

Site branding section has been slightly changed. Please check if everything is ok with your site logo, title, and description in the Customizer.


  • Fixed translation in the MarketPlace Addons module.
  • Fixed process.php template, added loop tags.
  • H1 Tag Missing in Homepage. Minor changes in the site branding section
  • Taxonomy RSS link issue.
  • No image alt tag.
  • Store image proportion.
  • Use require_once statement for loading WordPress files.
  • Fixed top bar menu.
  • PHP warnings in Store Image field.
  • Uploaded store image generating duplicate image


  • Added example child theme.
  • Allow to hide empty Stores in Stores page (via ‘clpr_terms_list_args’ filter).
  • Enable plans settings. Allows removing the Select gateway step in submitting coupons.
  • Updated Framework:
    • Improved Media Manager uploading for user and term meta types.
    • Added template file for the appthemes_output_attachment() function
    • Enable multiple choice on media manager frame
    • Fixed issue of Media Manager on iOS devices.
  • Updated Core module:
    • Delete pending recurring orders when listing get status DELETED or TRASH or permanently deleted
    • Don’t collapse lines in textarea fields on Details view
    • Sort taxonomy dropdown fields by term names
  • Updated Custom Forms module:
    • Don’t convert pluses to spaces in field descriptions and placeholders.
  • Updated Payments module:
    • Make ‘Order Log’ string translatable
    • Make all order log messages translatable
    • Changed some help texts in settings

Files Modified

Modified		assets/css/foundation.css
Modified		assets/css/foundation.min.css
Modified		assets/css/style-rtl.css
Modified		assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Modified		assets/css/style.css
Modified		assets/css/style.min.css
Modified		assets/js/lib/foundation/foundation.min.js
Modified		assets/js/lib/foundation/motion-ui.min.js
Modified		assets/js/theme-scripts.min.js
Modified		assets/scss/foundation.scss
Modified		assets/scss/partials/_header.scss
Modified		assets/scss/partials/_page-store.scss
Modified		assets/scss/vendor/foundation/_settings.scss
Added			examples/clipper-child/functions.php
Added			examples/clipper-child/general.js
Added			examples/clipper-child/style.css
Modified		framework
Modified		includes/admin/addons-mp
Modified		includes/core
Modified		includes/core.php
Added			includes/coupons/admin/class-coupon-listing-plans-settings.php
Modified		includes/coupons/class-coupon-listing-builder.php
Modified		includes/coupons/load.php
Modified		includes/custom-forms
Modified		includes/custom-header.php
Modified		includes/functions.php
Modified		includes/payments
Modified		includes/stores/class-store-listing-meta-object.php
Modified		includes/views.php
Modified		includes/widgets.php
Modified		package-lock.json
Modified		package.json
Modified		parts/content-coupon-item.php
Modified		parts/content-coupon-single.php
Modified		parts/header-branding-search.php
Modified		parts/nav-top-bar-primary.php
Modified		process.php
Modified		taxonomy-coupon_category.php
Modified		taxonomy-coupon_tag.php
Modified		taxonomy-coupon_type.php
Modified		taxonomy-stores.php
Modified		tests/lib
Modified		theme-framework
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