Clipper Version 2.0.1

On March 29, 2018, Clipper 2.0.1 was released. This release addresses a handful of bugs and introduces few minor improvements.


  • URL character enconding issue
  • Fixed Full Width page template (‘tpl-full-width.php’)
  • Moderate stores option is properly saved now
  • Can’t set Coupon duration to Infinite (unlimited)
  • Display Store slug column. Store slug column is displayed now if enabled in Screen Options
  • Widget Title is not looking good (some rasterized icons still appear)
  • HTML is parsed in the description/text field in the store form
  • Expired coupons not appearing in the unreliable area
  • No Promotion Coupon Type created after fresh install
  • Fixed issue when Plan Price is displayed even though payment option is turned off
  • Link to Page option checkbox works in reverse order
  • Coupon Expiration Email missing link to Renew
  • Can’t disable Anonymous Listing not working


  • Removed duplicating Full width template. Left original ‘tpl-full-width.php’
  • Added vector icons to top-right user menu
  • Replaced rasterized icons with FontAwesome icons on top-right social menu
  • Replaced rasterized icon with FontAwesome icon on Share Coupon widget
  • Added option to hide empty categories on Category/Subcategory widgets
  • Added featured coupon duration input in Quick Edit form

Files Modified

Modified assets/css/foundation.css
Modified assets/css/foundation.min.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.css
Modified assets/css/style-rtl.min.css
Modified assets/css/style.css
Modified assets/css/style.min.css
Modified assets/scss/partials/_base.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_footer.scss
Modified assets/scss/partials/_header.scss
Modified changelog.txt
Modified functions.php
Modified includes/admin/class-admin-setup.php
Modified includes/admin/importer.php
Modified includes/admin/listing-list.php
Modified includes/admin/settings.php
Modified includes/admin/stores-list.php
Modified includes/admin/upgrade/install.php
Modified includes/admin/upgrade/upgrade.php
Modified includes/core
Modified includes/coupons/class-coupon-custom-form-view.php
Modified includes/functions.php
Modified includes/links.php
Modified includes/stores/class-store-listing-builder.php
Modified includes/stores/class-store-listing-form.php
Modified includes/widgets.php
Modified languages/clipper.pot
Modified package-lock.json
Modified package.json
Deleted page-templates/template-full-width.php
Modified parts/nav-top-bar-primary.php
Modified style.css
Modified taxonomy-stores.php
Modified tpl-full-width.php
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