Clipper Version 1.3

On April 13th, 2012, Clipper 1.3 was released. This is a maintenance and minor new feature release. Fixed 32 tickets total. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

Upgrade Information

You can automatically upgrade directly from your WordPress admin. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to Clipper. If you don’t, check back later.

The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day. It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who have made theme code changes will need to manually upgrade instead.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.


  • Added ‘mb_strtoupper’ compatibility check
  • Categories page counter was not including coupons from child categories
  • Added missed options to choose Profile and Dashboard page
  • Facebook logout url in some cases was invalid
  • Counter on homepage was not count unreliable coupons
  • Duplicate pages was created on theme re-activation if using custom slugs
  • Image uploader in Clipper Settings pages does not work correctly
  • Counter on Clipper dashboard was not count unreliable coupons
  • Default WordPress template was displayed while reseting password
  • Added Tradedoubler links compatibility


  • Added TinyMCE editor for coupon submission form
  • Replaced and restyled featured slider
  • Renamed ‘clpr_action_importer_args’ filter to ‘clpr_csv_importer_args’
  • Added compatibility with WangGuard plugin
  • Optimized hidden stores feature
  • Added edit coupon link for users
  • Added option to reset votes of individual coupon
  • Optimized header and footer menu
  • Removed popular stores from search bar
  • Changed logo of Clipper
  • “Share Coupon” button was changed to widget
  • Revised “Get Coupons by Email” widget
  • Added expiration date to coupon item on listing pages
  • Added store thumbnail to each coupon item
  • Vote box and badge has been combined
  • “Share Coupon” page was added to default menu

Files Modified

Modified  changelog.txt
Modified  clipper-no-admin.pot
Modified  clipper.pot
Modified  featured.php
Modified  framework
Modified  functions.php
Added  images/arrow-featured-left.png
Added  images/arrow-featured-right.png
Added  images/bg-featured-bottom.png
Added  images/bg-featured-top.png
Added  images/bg-result-green.png
Added  images/bg-result-orange.png
Added  images/bg-result-red.png
Added  images/btn-submit-transparent.png
Added  images/button-featured-left.png
Added  images/button-featured-middle.png
Added  images/button-featured-right.png
Added  images/calendar-cross.png
Added  images/calendar-plus.png
Modified  images/clpr_default.jpg
Modified  images/logo.png
Added  images/menu_arrow_blue.png
Added  images/menu_arrow_gray.png
Added  images/menu_arrow_green.png
Added  images/menu_arrow_orange.png
Added  images/menu_arrow_red.png
Modified  includes/admin/admin-options.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-post-types.php
Modified  includes/admin/admin-values.php
Modified  includes/admin/install-script.php
Modified  includes/appthemes-functions.php
Modified  includes/forms/login/login-form.php
Modified  includes/forms/register/register-form.php
Modified  includes/forms/register/register-process.php
Modified  includes/js/theme-scripts.js
Modified  includes/theme-actions.php
Modified  includes/theme-comments.php
Modified  includes/theme-emails.php
Modified  includes/theme-enqueue.php
Modified  includes/theme-functions.php
Modified  includes/theme-links.php
Modified  includes/theme-login.php
Modified  includes/theme-voting.php
Modified  includes/theme-widgets.php
Modified  index.php
Modified  loop-coupon.php
Modified  loop-search.php
Modified  screenshot.png
Modified  searchform.php
Modified  sidebar-user.php
Modified  single-coupon.php
Modified  style.css
Modified  styles/blue.css
Modified  styles/gray.css
Modified  styles/green.css
Modified  styles/ie7.css
Added  styles/login-style.css
Modified  styles/orange.css
Modified  styles/red.css
Modified  tpl-coupon-cats.php
Modified  tpl-dashboard.php
Modified  tpl-edit-item.php
Modified  tpl-profile.php
Modified  tpl-stores.php
Modified  tpl-submit-coupon.php
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