ClassiPress Version 3.6.0

On August 2nd, 2017, ClassiPress 3.6.0 was released. This release addresses a handful of bugs and includes the new MarketPlace Add-Ons Browser.

Updating is highly recommended.

Upgrade Information

You can automatically upgrade directly from your WordPress admin. Under “Appearance” => “Themes”, you’ll see an upgrade link next to ClassiPress. If you don’t, check back later. The AppThemes upgrade check API runs twice a day. It’s important to note that using this auto updater will overwrite any custom coding done to the theme. Customers who have made theme code changes will need to manually upgrade instead.

If you prefer the old fashion way or have made core theme modifications (which is not recommended), visit AppThemes to download the full version.


  • Added the missing global content_width value with cp_content_width filter to override
  • Horizontal slope on mobile device
  • Home message does not allow shortcodes
  • Use term_description() in taxonomy templates
  • “Top Ads Overall” and “Top Ads Today” widgets don’t always count ad listing hits


  • Moved .pot file to languages folder
  • Minified images using imagemin
  • Updated head in wrapper.php to more modern standards
  • Moved IE styles to separate css files and use WordPress conditional check
  • Bumped Google CDN jQuery from 1.12.3 to 1.12.4
  • Use https for Google hosted scripts since they’re automatically redirected from http anyhow
  • Added tinynav.js min version
  • Always use min versions of js scripts for faster loading unless SCRIPT_DEBUG constant is defined
  • Added basic support for rtl languages. Removed old styles/master-rtl.css which was never being loaded
  • Append theme version number to stylesheet urls so cache is cleared with new versions
  • Updated AppThemes MarketPlace Add-ons Browser

Files Modified

Added .editorconfig
Added .gitattributes
Modified .gitignore
Modified Gruntfile.js
Modified changelog.txt
Modified functions.php
Added grunt/banner.js
Added grunt/contrib-csslint.js
Added grunt/contrib-imagemin.js
Added grunt/csscomb.js
Added grunt/postcss.js
Added grunt/rtlcss.js
Modified grunt/wp-i18n.js
Modified images/ad320.gif
Modified images/ajax-loading.gif
Modified images/block_topbg.gif
Modified images/btn_advSrch.png
Modified images/bullet-grey.png
Modified images/content_botbg.gif
Modified images/content_topbg.gif
Modified images/cp_logo_black.png
Modified images/cp_logo_black_small.png
Modified images/cp_logo_white.png
Modified images/cp_logo_white_small.png
Modified images/editbox_bg.gif
Modified images/gray-grad.png
Modified images/header_allbg.gif
Modified images/header_bg.jpg
Modified images/hr-grey-double.png
Modified images/hr-grey.png
Modified images/indicator.gif
Modified images/li_gt.jpg
Modified images/loader-spinner.gif
Modified images/loader.gif
Modified images/loading-thumb.gif
Modified images/logo_header.jpg
Modified images/menu_split.gif
Modified images/minus.png
Modified images/no-thumb-150x150.png
Modified images/no-thumb-500x375.png
Modified images/no-thumb-blank.jpg
Modified images/no-thumb-sm-blank.jpg
Modified images/payment-loader.gif
Modified images/plus.png
Modified images/red-flag.png
Modified images/sb-arrow.png
Modified images/tab_activebg.gif
Modified images/tab_bg.gif
Modified images/tag_orange.png
Modified images/topheader_bg.gif
Modified includes/actions.php
Modified includes/admin/addons-mp
Modified includes/admin/admin.css
Modified includes/core.php
Modified includes/cron.php
Modified includes/customizer.php
Modified includes/enqueue.php
Modified includes/functions.php
Modified includes/js/easyTooltip.js
Added includes/js/easyTooltip.min.js
Modified includes/js/theme-customizer.min.js
Modified includes/js/theme-scripts.min.js
Renamed includes/js/jquery.tinynav.js includes/js/tinynav.js
Added includes/js/tinynav.min.js
Modified includes/payments
Modified includes/plupload/app-plupload.js
Modified includes/search.php
Modified includes/stats.php
Modified includes/theme-support.php
Modified includes/utils.php
Added languages/REAdded Deleted Modified
Renamed classipress.pot languages/classipress.pot
Added package-lock.json
Modified package.json
Added phpcs.xml
Modified screenshot.png
Added style-rtl.css
Modified style.css
Added styles/.csscomb.json
Added styles/.csslintrc
Modified styles/aqua-black.css
Modified styles/aqua.css
Modified styles/blue-black.css
Modified styles/blue.css
Modified styles/green-black.css
Modified styles/green.css
Added styles/ie7.css
Added styles/ie8.css
Deleted styles/master-rtl.css
Modified styles/red-black.css
Modified styles/red.css
Modified styles/teal-black.css
Modified styles/teal.css
Modified taxonomy-ad_cat.php
Modified tests/lib
Modified wrapper.php
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